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Pacific Songwriting Camp is once again ON in Cambria, CA!
Join us on the California Coast this Jan 18-21, 2024. 

Friends, Songwriters, Song Campers. The 2024 Winter Pacific Songwriting Camp is happening Jan 18-21! Registration is open. Join us at Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria Jan 19-23 on the central California coast. COP sits on 13 acres of Pacific ocean coastline, half way between LA and SF. The Teacher and Coach roster includes: Adam Levy, Lisa Sanders, Michael McNevin, Severin Browne, Dave Pascoe, Laura Benson, Sara Glaser, Stan DeWitt, Rebecca Troon, Mark Dann, plus camp crew. Many returning regulars, newbies, beginner to pros,  all add to the magic. The views are spectacular and peaceful. The song circles, classes, writing inspiration, coaching, jamming and meals, are all part of a very affordable unforgettable experience. It's a fun-loving creative group. full of friendships, memories, and new songs. See the camp website for the schedule, teacher bios, class descriptions, and registration info:      Note: Attendees please be vaccinated and boosted, and ‘Test Negative’ the day you come to the retreat. We want to let our hair down, sing and gather and laugh. Once we’re all together and tested negative, masks are optional.    Directly Register for camp here; using the Camp Ocean Pines reg page (they handle the sign-ups and payments)   You can also visit us on Facebook, at the PSC Group Page to say hi and keep in touch with our community year round:

News & Musings

McNevin In The Mud Videos of 2020. Archived 80 FB Live Shows, easy to watch at Mike's Personal FB Page. 

Here's a collection of FB LIVE video archives. To date,170 McNevin In The Mud shows since covid put so many of us into zoom and living rooms for safe distance shows on the gadgets. Pretty easy to peruse. McNevin & The Spokes Band Page also has a couple random videos, including the Friday show of early March 2020 before the touring shutdown - Live at Kulak's Woodshed in Hollywood CA on Severin Browne's First Friday Show. That was the last LIVE weekend of shows. After that, it was a FB Live world, here's a…

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Muddy Mish Mash of tours, gigs, doings of 2019 & early 2020. 

Below are Tour Schedules, posted, pasted as can be done from a car, in a cafe, in a hurry.... 

March 2020 and pretty much into Summer, has been wiped clean by Corona, so most of Michael's concerts will be online, broadcast from the Mudpuddle SHop for the foreseeable future. Please watch a few concerts from your living rooms and share the links with freinds! We're also hoping to KEEP our show schedule going with other special guests, to help other touring musicians pay their bills. We'll go virtual and…

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Wed May 13th 6pm PST - McNevin at The Mudpuddle, Dinner Time Tunes 

Tonight, 6pm PST, McNevin At The Mudpuddle for a handful of dinner time tunes via "FB Live" on the ole' Personal FB Wall. Likely some oddservations and a couple bad jokes for dessert, just watch for the video window at showtime, here: 

Tip Jars: & 
Suns and Weds at 6pm. BYO. Wear a Tux or PJs, doesn't matter. 

If you're feeling extra friendly, you can start a "Watch Party" by clicking the "Share" button. The feed will then…

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