Wed May 13th 6pm PST - McNevin at The Mudpuddle, Dinner Time Tunes

Tonight, 6pm PST, McNevin At The Mudpuddle for a handful of dinner time tunes via "FB Live" on the ole' Personal FB Wall. Likely some oddservations and a couple bad jokes for dessert, just watch for the video window at showtime, here: 

Tip Jars: & 
Suns and Weds at 6pm. BYO. Wear a Tux or PJs, doesn't matter. 

If you're feeling extra friendly, you can start a "Watch Party" by clicking the "Share" button. The feed will then land on your own wall and you're kind of like a co-host. 

Thanks for tipping toward the gig income and the Mudpuddle Shop rent, it's been a life saver so far. 

The Personal FB Page has reruns in the videos area to binge too, find them here: 

The main website also has some goodies, including a downloadable batch of songs called The Alluminum Oasis Collection, at 

Also a really nice Kulaks Woodshed Video up, at McNevin & The Spokes FB band page, McNevin solo concert set, live in North Hollywood, with studio audience.