In the Community

The Mudpuddle Shop

With a long 17-year history in Niles community, The Mudpuddle Shop is Michael's underground, small but amazing space for concerts, jams, workshops, hangouts and more. The Mudpuddle Shop is also home to a variety of products and creations, from guitars and strings to Michael's Etch A Sketch prints, Niles books, and other curiosities. 

Located at 37433 Niles Blvd. in Fremont, CA. With its own calendar of happenings, The Mudpuddle Shop can be found online here on Facebook and at its very own official website coming soon. 

To contact the shop, call (510) 794-9935 and leave a message or email Michael here

Pacific Songwriting Camp

The Pacific Songwriting Camp follows the footsteps of singer-songwriter, teacher, and beloved friend Penny Nichols. Her intimate songwriting gatherings, known as SummerSongs spawned countless songs and friendships. With Pacific Songwriting Camp, Michael and other songwriters are continuing her spirit of creating community through music and song. It is a songwriter’s dream for all levels, whether you want to explore songwriting for the first time or are a seasoned singer-songwriter. Come immerse yourself in all aspects of the songwriting craft. For more information or to register, visit