Fri 27th and Sat 28th of March 2020 are two Online Concerts, at 7pm, Live from The Mudpuddle Shop, broadcasting on Michael's Facebook Wall, using "Facebook Live". All real gigs, with people in the seats, have been cancelled at least into Summer, by the Corona Crud. So most of Michael's concerts will be online, broadcast from the Mudpuddle Shop for the foreseeable future. Please watch a few concerts from your living rooms and share the links with friends! Hoping to keep the puddle show schedule going with other special guests too, the touring musicians who would have been playing the puddle still have to pay their bills. So, we'll go virtual a lot to help the community continue until we can all sit inside the shoebox together. Thanks for supporting Live music and keeping it around as we get through this crazy year. 

3/27 Fri Night 7pm, Michael McNevin online Concert, cohosted by the Altadena Divine Rebel produciton freinds who were originally hosting the cancelled concert, we’re keeping the FB Event Page open, for easier access and reminders to the FB LIVe info as we go online live:  

3/28 Sat Night 7pm, Michael McNevin online Concert, cohosted by Arturo Tello and the the Palm Loft Gallery, before it got cancelled. But that gang will be watching online, and all are invited to join us!  

Michael McNein PayPal Link:  

Michael McNevin Venmo Link:

While you all learn to knit, and as so many musicians retool their demolished touring schedules, I'm a gonna make muddy lemonade at The Mudpuddle Shop this Fri and Sat Night March 27th and 28th, streaming from the Puddle at 7pm, CA time. The two shows are hosted by the same SoCal hosts in Altadena and Carpinteria where my weekend shows got cancelled. So they'll be watching at home with you all, and helping the feeds and links along, as we move the shows from the clubs to the couches via our Facebook pages, Event Pages, and the "FB Live" streaming links. I will do my best to meet and greet listeners, between songs or on a mid show break, with the helps of the cohosts :). The cohosts will help share the FB Live stream links around on my FB page and other FB walls, to help join us together on couches in the main feed. Smaller FB watch parties may also form, I think anyone can create a watch party once you're at the feed in FB. Glad some of you know how to do that, but you can always watch the MAIN feed no matter what, which is were I can see the comments that come in :). I have two virtual gadgets working - an iPhone 6 and a 2012 MacBook, which helps toss the show spaghetti on your walls. The reading of comments while I'm playing may or may not be a priority, but within the Mudpuddle walls, I have a few mics set up and a couple vibey lights - it will a fun experiment. Life is an experiment, and sometimes ya blow up the lab. Enjoy from your couches, try not to squint too close at my mistakes and glitches as I figure out the new normal. I'll do a bunch of songs, a few requests, a couple bad jokes, and some person to person ping pong with the hosts as we go live from The Mudpuddle Shop. 

The “Aluminum Oasis” demo collection of songs, now on Bandcamp. Download as singles or all 11 songs, here:

The FB Event Pages listed above for Fri and Sat will be "cohosted". As the FB Live feeds go online for these canceled SoCal shows, the hosts are all onboard for our new normal. Friday cohosts Dolly Ramirez and Jean-Jacques Schoch (JJ) for the Altadena series, and Saturday host Arturo Tello & Palm Loft Gallery in Carpinteria, they will be watching and helping with the pasting of links to you all so you can find the feeds, enjoy the puddle to couch experience. They'll also post the occasional PayPal and Venmo tip jar addresses on the FB walls. I'll also have the tip jars scribbled in large marker on some poster board. That won't be pretty, but it will be muddy. 

NOTE:, is getting a facelift. It has imigrated into a Bandzoogle Site. On it you will find some of my older releases, but is being updated soon with new template and content. There's also now a donation button, to support Michael's tour hiatus due to Corona Virus, and the effort to keep The Mudpuddle Shop doors open, as we ride out the year until things are back to normal.