McNevin In The Mud Videos of 2020. Archived 80 FB Live Shows, easy to watch at Mike's Personal FB Page.

Here's a collection of 2020 concert videos, FB LIVE archives of most of the 80 McNevin In The Mud shows. As saved video sections on my personal FB Page, they are easy to peruse. You may hear repeats and new versions of songs, different set lists, with covers, guests, and the evolution of puddle shows through the year, and lots of bad jokes I made up to keep things fresh :).   

FB LIVE concerts at Mike's personal FB page, easy-to-watch archives: 

Well, that was weird. 2020 started out great, with tours to Texas, Florida, PA, NY, NY and Michigan in January and February, and a great weekend of gigging in Pasadena and Hollywood in early March. Then Poof, songwriters headed for the basements and started doing Online Shows. Facebook Live, honestly, has been an income and shop rent saver. Started out doing them on my cell phone. With the help and coaching of a few savvy friends and their spare gear, and an internet cable to the shop, the old 2012 Mac, and USB mics, and a camera transformed the Mudpuddle Shop into a TV Concert Studio. As the one and only concert venue a block from my house, it could have been worse! No wear and tear of road trips on the car, and a new format that is probably not going away anytime soon. By taking to the FB airwaves, friends in Boston, Chicago, Florida, Texas and everywhere in between, were now able to attend shows from their living rooms. 80 Sundays and Wednesday concerts commenced over the next 10 months, including another 40 Songwriter Workshops on Zoom. It has paid the bills, and kept my shop afloat so that when the DamPanic has passed, we'll cram into the little shop in Niles for shows again. The totality of gigging life in 2020 was there, but I did do rare away appearances, safe distance small crowd gatherings on a few porches and yards. Those were heavenly reminders of what it's like to actually smile and interact with friends and fans in person. All in all, the 2020 lemons provided some fun and fulfilling pitchers of lemonade. Am i sick of Lemonade now? Yes a little, but this way of staying connected and creative during the long slog of life in the SIP is a blessing, a branch of sanity and creativity I hold on to.

~ Thanks for watching, donating, helping to keep the gigging and Mudpuddle Shop thriving. 

PS - McNevin & The Spokes Band Page also has a couple random videos, including the Friday show of early March 2020 before the touring shutdown - Live at Kulak's Woodshed in Hollywood CA on Severin Browne's First Friday Show. There is also some of show at Armando's In Martinez, CA from a 2019 show.