Tonight! Wed April 1st, 7pm CA time, an ONLINE concert at The Mudpuddle

Tonight! Wed April 1st, 7pm CA time, an ONLINE concert. Going down to The Mudpuddle Shop with guitar and a handful of tunes for a 1/2 hour Wed Night Mudpuddle music hang. Songs and chat, a few requests. $0-20 donation to the virtual tip jars, give what you can from your couches. 
Find the actual FB live concert feed originating from my personal facebook wall, which will also be archived there after the show:  

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A 30 minute show sounds short, but is a pretty lengthy show in "online dog years". Tune in, not sure what I'm doing yet :). Songs and chat, with requests from last weekends' mudcasts. The ongoing online Mudpuddle event page link lists future dates too, continually being added to, so please feel free to add yourselves as invitees, for future watching and joining of the Mudpuddle Shop doings, concerts, workshops, online shenanigans: