Jan/Feb 2020 McNevin News and Shows in TX, FL, PA, NY, NJ!

TX, FL, PA, NY, NJ Show details below.  

Jan 26, 9pm in San Antonio with buddy Butch Morgan & The Blast at Sancho's. Reunion shows for The Blast, including a 7pm opening set with Sauce Gonzalez and the West Side band, piano and horns and guitars and rhythem section, a bunch of revered S.A. blues gents doing a two hour set, with McNevin after that for a solo set, then Butch and Blast on till about Midnight.  

Jan 27th, 6pm House Concert at Butch And Barbara's in Devine TX, about 35 minutes outside of San Antonio.  

Jan 28th, 7pm. Kerrville, TX at Schreiner University "Music & Conversation"In the Junkin Campus Ministry Center- Rodman Steele Recital Hall. 2100 Memorial Blvd Kerrville, TX. Free to the public, show up and be part of the studio audience. 

Feb 6-10 in Ft Lauderdale, at South Florida Folk Fest hangin with Tom Prasada-Rao and Susan Moss and the whole Broward Folk Club tribe. Will be sitting in with TPR for a Friday house concert north of Ft Lauderdale, then romping around the festival together. Ping Mike if you want info on the HC above Ft Lauderdale. 

Feb 13-17 in PA, NJ, NY: 

Feb 13th, 7pm. Philly PA area. War3House3. A very hip thrift store & concert space in the Swarthmore area (sounds like The Mudpuddle Shop's big brother!). In addition to a bunch of new songs, I will be playing "Phoenixville", on the very day of it's writing Feb 13th, 2005, it's 15th anniversary, writing in this very neck of the woods outside of Philly. Apropos! Expect that Gregg Cagno makes a cameo appearance at this show too. RSVP with Rob: 610-328-3280, rosevalleyantiques@gmail.com. Walk-Ups welcome, seats about 70? 

Fri Feb 14th. Philly, PA  Jarrettown Hotel - 1425 Limekiln Pike, in Dresher, PA.  Playing with old pal Gregg Cagno. I expect to play Valentin'es Day themed song "Phoenixville", and, possibly some Bread. haha! Really happy to be back in the neighborhood to play that one, and share tunes with Cagno. Contact Gregg for the details on either option: ‭(267) 607-9172‬ &  greggno@pobox.com. it's at a hotel, with a large Italian restaurant and a decent sized bar, to eat on Valentines day it is probably a very good idea to RSVP a table near the music or in the bar, go to the site. jarrettownrestaurant.com    

Sat Feb 15th. Oxford NY  House Concert at Dan & Lisa's place. Arrive at 5 or 5:30 to mingle, food, show. Could also have an after swap if enough musicians fill the place. Dan's my old friend who used to book The Night Eagle, one of my very favorite concert spaces in the North East. Fond memories of upstate NY there and around there. They will put out food (GF & vegan), along with wine, beer, teas and coffee. Not sure how much extra room they'll have by concert time, so ping Dan early to RSVP. daniel@hundredacreconsulting.com. 607 743 4118 

Sun Feb 16th. Plainfield NJ.  Arpie Maros "Evergreen House Concerts" Series Tix here: https://mcnevin.eventbrite.com and email Arpie here: ahrre@verizon.net  It's Arpie's Birthday! We've known each other forever, this is my first time at his place. He puts on a wonderful series, and makes a mean cup of high end coffee. The Eventbrite ticket link above helps you get to the concert, and this link gets you to the octane beans:  http://www.ahrre.com