McNevin in Nashville, Sept 2019


McNevin in Nashville, end of September:

Nashville, TN. at Douglas Corner. 
         8:30 w/ Antsy McClain & The Troubs. 
9.28. Mount Juliet, TN. Home Concert. 
        7pm. Contact Antsy or Mike to rsvp. 
9.29. Nashville, TN. The Commodore. 
         7pm - 7:40 In The Round w/ Others.
Hi muddy muds! heading to Nashville this morning. Watched some of the country music series by Ken Burns last night, it was up to episode #7, covered the '70s and '80s, good stuff. I loved living there in 1998, recorded Sketch there at Cliff Goldmacher's Walk-in Closet, lived in Carol Elliot's Writers Boarding House attic room for six months, and was touring through prior every six months or so to play The Bluebird early round show and play pickup baseball with the songwriters living around Sylvan Park. Had a TON of fun (sans the huge tornado that came through downtown while I was recording near Centennial Park... that was surreal). But I got a real dose of how dedicated songwriters live and work. The town has a great arts culture, making all kinds of music, not just country. It's really a small town after a while, the folks know and support each other, find their tribe, song-write and record, helps to have best of the best musicians at one another's finger tips. Last time through was at least 10 years ago. I hear it has changed, 18 skyscraper cranes dotting the Nashville skyline. Some towns are gonna change. Antsy McClain & The Troubs are hosting me the Thursday and Saturday shows. The Sat Night concert at Antsy's home, if you have friends who'd like to come, we can probably fit another 10 folks. Sunday is a short In The Round showcase at The Commodore Grill on the West End. Looking forward to the gigs, visiting, see how bad the traffic might be, can't be worse than SF Bay though. They also have weather. I'm including my iPhone Siri screen shot of the Nashville forecast this week. Gonna be warm & friendly.
~ Michael