How to tour Sweden & Germany for a couch.

“How to get to Sweden & Germany for free with no lead time”. 

That is a VERY good question. Keep reading, below this European gig schedule, is a new "Trick of the Trade". Can't wait to land in Stockholm Saturday Morning, to see songwriter friends in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and in Berlin! Bought some warm clothes for this one. I'll miss Thanksgiving here at home, but I'll be sharing thanks and good times and music with some very sweet Swedes and Germans! 

Happy holidays ~ Michael 

Sat Nov 18, 7pm. 
Stockholm Sweden. 
Songwriter Cobill with Eva Hillered & Michael McNevin.
Concert is at Eva’s place, contact Eva for details.  
FB Event Page for Eva’s HC:

Sun Nov 19. 
Stockholm, Sweden.
Songwriter song swap at Eva’s Place.  
With songwriter Maria Blom, Eva, McNevin, others. 
Casual hang, private, contact Eva for details. 

Mon Nov 20. 
Stockholm, Sweden. 
Maria Blom’s place. 
Mike, Maria, and Caroline play fiddles, guitars, etc. 
Maybe pen a song together too? 
Or we all just nap. 

Tues Nov 21. 
Gothenburg, Sweden.
Song Swap at Sofai Ekberg’s place. 
McNevin, Sofia, Caroline Testard, others. 
Casual, contact Sofia for details on FB: 

Wed Nov 22, 10am-2pm.  
Gothenburg, Sweden (and surrounding area). 
Löftadalens College. 
McNevin teaches College Songwriting Workshop. 
Sofia Ekberg facilitates and teaches too. 

Wed Nov 22, 6-9pm. 
(not totally sure on the time). 
Löftadalens College. 
Michael McNevin in Concert - one feature set. 
Feature set followed by “Open Stage”. 
A songwriter variety show. 
Contact Sofia Ekberg on Facebook for details: 

Thurs Nov 23. 
Fjärås, Sweden. 
House Concert with Sofia Ekberg. 
Private, write Mike/Sofia for details. 
Find Sofia on Facebook:

Sat Nov 25. 10:30am. 
Berlin, Germany. 
Berlin Boat Fair. 
A Morning Show w/ Claudia Nentwich. 
$40 to get into the fair, at an event center. 
Find Claudia on Facebook for more info:

Sat Nov 25. 
Berlin, Germany. 
Evening House Concert w/ Claudia Nentwich. 
At a private home, in Southeast Berlin. 
Write Mike & Claudia for details. 
Find Claudia on FB at:  

Sun Nov 26
Berlin Germany. 
McNevin busks the streets of Berlin with Caroline. 
Unless it’s too cold to play. 
Otherwise, it’s soup and sightseeing. 

“How to get to Sweden & Germany for free with no lead time”. A couple months ago, Niles neighbor Mara texts Mike “Hey Mike, there's a Free old couch and chairs in the I Street alley between 2nd and 3rd, might fit the shop?” Mike indeed finds abandoned antique red velvet couch in the alley a block from his house, plus two matching chairs. Great condition! Off to the Mudpuddle Shop. Later that week long time Niles neighbor and German native Caroline sees the red couch at a Mudpuddle song swap, wants it. Huh? But Mike likes 100 year old couch & chairs, perfect for the Mudpuddle shop, see how they fit? Simultaneously, Caroline has planned a Thanksgiving time trip over the pond, to see her daughter in Sweden and family in Germany. Smart shopper, she bought roundtrip tix way in advance for herself and fellow Euro/CA transplant John who also wants to see the homeland - $350 each. Caroline then learns John can't go on the Sweden trip with her, something about a green card. Caroline mentions abandoned plane ticket to Mike. Huh? Niles antique dealer values abandoned couch and chairs; $350-400. $500 on a good day. Cha-ching! Mike delivers red velvet couch to Caroline's house. Mike gets a roundtrip nonstop plane ticket Oakland to Stockholm. Mike writes to lovely Sweden & Germany friends for any short notice gigs to be had? Really?? Sweet! Pack the bags! Meant to be.