Every Sun at 4pm "FB Live" Shows With McNevin at The Mudpuddle Shop. Tip Jars: PayPal.me/MudpuddleMusic & Venmo.com/MichaelMcNevin 

"FB Live" shows on the ole' Personal FB Wall. Americana originals, bad jokes, surprise guest interviews with cohost Helen The Mannequin at the interview desk. BYO. Wear whatever you want, it's your couch. Did 80 shows in 2020! We're now into 2021, the FB Live shows are here to stay. Watch for the video window at showtime, here: www.facebook.com/mudpuddlemusic AND catch the "ReRuns" in Michael's FB Videos section, here: www.facebook.com/mudpuddlemusic/videos 

Tip Jars: PayPal.me/MudpuddleMusic & Venmo.com/MichaelMcNevin 

Also, got a new downloadable batch of songs called The Alluminum Oasis Collection: www.michaelmcnevin.bandcamp.com

There's a pretty nice Kulaks Woodshed concert Video up, from my last tour in early March, it lives at the Michael McNevin & The Spokes FB band page, McNevin solo concert set, live in North Hollywood, with studio audience. 

For info, booking, questions, requests, here’s Mike's Business and PayPal email:  

Thanks for keeping the gig life alive and the Mudpuddle rent paid :-). 

~ Michael

Help Keep The Mudpuddle Shop Doors Open!

“Aluminum Oasis” 11 song demo collection on Bandcamp. Download singles or all 11!

Michael McNevin - Aluminum Oasis Collection

Michael McNevin

Collection of recent songs, with a couple older ones. Guitar & vocal, about how I sound at live solo concerts, straight ahead. Plus a few extra guitar parts here and there. For fun I was calling it The White Albume at gigs, a demo I burned on my computer, one at a time on my Mac. For the sharpie demo CDs, I spelled it wrong on purpose, so as not confuse me with the Beatles. Ha ha :). Probably deserves a better name, since it's now out on the web for downloading. So, it's the Aluminum Oasis Collection, with Aluminum Oasis as the first track. Americana, Folk, storytelling lyrics. Most tracks recorded by Tom Prasada-Rao in a Niles CA living room. A few other tracks (#3, #9, #11) recorded at Phil Bennett's home studio in Pleasanton, CA.
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Note to Fans and Friends. The March 6-7-8 in SoCal were my last live shows, as the Corona Crud took over. Shows booked into Summer & Fall of 2020 have been wiped clean, and it's difficult to say how 2021will shake out. So it's muddy lemonade time. I'm keeping the Mudpuddle Shop as a concert space, and hope to reopen on the other end of this! Concerts will now be online, broadcast from the Puddle for the foreseeable future. I've added a donation button for The Mudpuddle Shop, via PayPal you can donate a bit, or more, once, or monthly, to help keep the art space open. I plan on keeping this place alive for the year or two it takes to reopen, and beyond. Whatever you can give is appreciated by the Niles Community, the musicians who play here, and the listeners who frequent it's many events. It's now in it's 15th year, with over 180 feature concerts, over 500 song swaps and jams, and many workshops and special events. And now as of Oct 2020, 60 Online Concerts :).Right now the best way to watch the shows online is through Michael's Facebook Pages. Michael's Personal FB Page is facebook.com/mudpuddlemusic. The McNevin & The Spokes Band Page is: www.facebook.com/MichaelMcNevinMusic , and you can email Michael for info and updates too, at info@michaelmcnevin.com 

Stay safe and find the silver linings as we get through this crazy year together. 

Michael's short bio:
Michael McNevin's songs read like short stories, full of heart, humor, and a keen eye for detail. Winner of the Kerrville New-Folk award in Texas, Performing Songwriter Magazine “DIY Artist Of The Year”, 7-time grand finals "Song Of The Year" winner for West Coast Songwriters. Accomplished guitar work and seasoned vocals underscore the characters and places he comes across in his travels. He grew up in the train town of Niles, CA, in the east bay hills the San Fransisco Bay Area. He started out playing underage in East Bay bars, mixed in a six-month stint busking the streets and subways in New York and has has since logged 25 years on the U.S. songwriter circuit. He's shared hall stages with Johnny Cash & The Carter Family, Donovan, Shawn Colvin, Richie Havens, Iris Dement, Greg Brown, Christine Lavin, Robert Earl Keen, and many of others. He’s been a main-stager at Strawberry, High Sierra, Kerrville, Redwood Ramble, American River, SummerFolk in Canada, and the Philadelphia Folk Fest. He's also been a 3rd place finalist at both the Rocky Mountain Folks and Telluride Troubadour Competitions in Colorado, and was nominated Artist Of The Year by the National Academy of Songwriters. He tours as a solo act in the US and parts of Europe, and occasionally gets a band together as McNevin & The Spokes. In addition, Michael is an Etch A Sketch artist of some renown, delighting and dumbfounding audiences. Not kidding, he illustrates his songs on the little red toy. Michael has been a guest on CBS "Evening Magazine", plus segments on NBC, ABC, and dozens of cable music shows.

When he's not on the road, Michael also owns and operates the Mudpuddle Shop, in downtown Niles, a former barber shop. Now in it's 14th year, it is a 15'x15' creative hive for showcases, workshops, song swaps and jams. His Etch A Sketch drawings hang on the walls, waiting for an earthquake.