"Hob Thrasher" a new Single!

An old song made new again with Tracy Grammer on Fiddle, David Stoddard on Accordion, and Dad Jack sings the last two words.. Wabash Cannonball!

A Single of "Hob Thrasher", a Mike and Jack McNevin cowrite now 20 years old, a June 2021 Father's Day kinda thing, made new again with friends Tracy Grammer on fiddle, David Stoddard on accordion, produced by old pal Tom Prasada-Rao. Listen close and you’ll hear 86-year-old Dad Jack sing the last two words :). Hob was an old fiddler we met in the airport with his grandson, me the younger guitar picking stranger, we jammed on Wabash Cannonball to pass the time. Written in 2001, and finally Recorded proper. Released on the June 2021 Folk DJ Singles compilation, sent around to radio folks by Hudson Harding Music.

Hob Thrasher Available as download on Michael’s Bandcamp: michaelmcnevin.bandcamp.com

"Margaret 1956" a single

Now available to listen or download at Michaelmcnevin.bandcamp.com

Just a crazy day in the life of my mom at 17, living in the SF Mission District projects, cutting school, sneaking south for a dream-filled day in Hollywood, to get discovered like Lana Turner did. Definitely a Mother's Day tribute for the month of May. This version has Tom Prasada-Rao on low strung violin, Phil Bennett (of Starship) on piano, McNevin on guitar, vocals, harmonies. I'm so proud of it, Tom produced it, did some tracking at Phil's place too, Indie-folk Americana. It's also up on Youtube (with a still pic of Margaret & Jack at Clear Lake in 1956, their first date).

Hi Friends! Well i'm managing to release about one single a month, uploading them on my Bandcamp Site (michaelmcnevin.bandcamp.com - copy & paste that url into your browser and see what's over there). Some are new, some old and redone proper, mostly new stuff to come through the months though. This latest July track is one of the older tunes, called "Man On The Levee" about a trumpet player riffing on the Sacramento River on 4th Of July. The June track is a BRAND NEW version of old "Hob Thrasher", as a nod to Fathers Day with Tracy Grammer on fiddle and David Stoddard on accordion, produced by Tom Prasada-Rao. "Margaret 1956" came out in May, an ode to my mom on Mothers Day month with Tom Prasada-Rao on low strung violin and Phil Bennett on piano. April's cut is "Prey", a kitchen sink lyric for the year that was 2020, folk-rock Americana with myself on vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, and pal Michael Romanowski of Coast Mastering playing bass, drums, and Hammond, and recording mixing and mastering. Romo is a Swiss army knife of talents, I love how it turned out! These song singles are all up for listens and downloads at my Bandcamp page along with a big wide collection of 11 other new songs I'm calling The Aluminum Oasis Collection. These recent singles are also landing in Folk DJs desks, mailboxes, and laptops as we speak, thanks to Erik Balkey of Hudson Harding who is sending out these wonderful and timely monthly themed collections, reaching Folk DJs all over the US. 

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"Man On The Levee"
"Hob Thrasher"
"Margaret 1956"

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