Gigs In Spring

McNevin & Maybelle's Voyages continue. May & June fests and gigs, 2018. 

Sat May 5, 8pm San Carlos, CA Clocktower Music Concert Series
Intimate low volume listening room. McNevin plays solo, plus hosts Chinese Melodrama do tunes too. RSVP at…

McNevin & Maybelle, SoCal In March


Early March McNevin shows in SoCal & NoCal!  Friends in SoCal, I'm driving south this morning, in a '92 Cadillac. Her name is Maybelle McGuzzlah. I'll own her for a month or two while I figure out my next touring…

McNevin in Moss Beach Fri Feb 16th 2018

McNevin in Moss Beach at Cypress Meadows. Friends in or around Half Moon Bay, this Friday Night Feb 16th at 7:30, a foam and folk fix for all you ocean loving, music loving, beach combers. At Cypress Meadows, a beautiful…


How to tour Sweden & Germany for a couch.

“How to get to Sweden & Germany for free with no lead time”. 

That is a VERY good question. Keep reading, below this European gig schedule, is a new "Trick of the Trade". Can't wait to land in Stockholm Saturday…


January 2015 - Gigs in CA & TX

Happy New Year to friends near and far, here are some January gigs in CA and TX to get it started. Have a great month and a terrific muddy year. 

Love & safe travels

~ Michael 

Fri Jan 9th  5pm  …

Mike & Mudpuddle Shop In SF Bay Newspapers.

MIKE, SHOP, & CLANCY THE DOG IN THE NEWSPAPER My shop & myself & Clancy the dog had a feature in the Argus, Daily Review, Oakland Tribune, SJ Mercury, CC times - heres' the link It's an interview and…


Mudpuddle Memeberships Are Taking Off!

Thanks again to those who've become Mudpuddle Members Cheers to another five years of concerts, jams, workshops, art & shenanigans. Wanna be a member? it's easy and cheap! (it's also the vehicle to which the shop stays…


A little recap of 2009!

Happy New Year, 2009 was a doozy. On the home front, due to my longtime dear friend and landlord Mary Hewitt passing away, I lived nowhere in particular from June till September (google her name, and you'll see what a…


Gigs and Fests in August & Sept '09

Plenty of gigs & festivals below - all around NoCal in the coming weeks, and also a trip to Texas on Labor Day Weekend for the Kerrville Folk Festival! This coming Friday Aug 14th is a Santa Clara concert at…


"Scarecrow" win's Song Of The Year"

Good news, my new song "Scarecrow" won "Song Of The Year" last night for the East Bay chapter of the West Coast Songwriters Association. The WCS competition is a bit different than it used to be. In the Olden days…


Homes and Gigs. And Mike is actually writing this!

Hi everybody June was a month of couches, floors, and singing by rivers, and July has been much the same. I've let some of my payroll people go, but I do hope to have Allison and/or others back in…