Mudpuddle Memeberships Are Taking Off!

Thanks again to those who've become Mudpuddle Members! Cheers to another five years of concerts, jams, workshops, art & shenanigans. Wanna be a member? it's easy and cheap! (it's also the vehicle to which the shop stays open, otherwise, it's a goner!) Stay tuned for more concerts, songwriting workshops, jams and song circles, and other art events -- evening and day events are in the works, along with Niles & Art related products (especially products & services from participating Mudpuddle Members). Look for some pirate radio (the legal kind) and concert recordings once we get the technology figured out. To help the space be more active and vibrant, we hope members take advantage of the activities offered, and even help create some shop use of their own if you're so inclined. Members will have a discounted rate to rent the space. That will be in the fine print soon enough! What's the membership cost? 5 bucks a month donation is an annual membership of $60 for the year, or, $10 a month is $120 for the year, etc. You pick what you can afford. What are the perks? Well, you belong to an art & music community, and you'll get to be in on all the Mudpuddle calendar events and products. PLUS you get a laminated Mudpuddle Membership card that says you're special. We'll figure out more perks as we go :-). If you're reading about this for the first time, well, you've missed so much! 300 jams, 50+ concerts, poetry workshops, guitar lessons, etc. This is one small way of keeping the arts alive in Niles, and in NoCal at large.

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