McNevin In The Mud Videos of 2020. Archived 80 FB Live Shows, easy to watch at Mike's Personal FB Page.

Here's a collection of FB LIVE video archives. To date,170 McNevin In The Mud shows since covid put so many of us into zoom and living rooms for safe distance shows on the gadgets. Pretty easy to peruse. McNevin & The Spokes Band Page also has a couple random videos, including the Friday show of early March 2020 before the touring shutdown - Live at Kulak's Woodshed in Hollywood CA on Severin Browne's First Friday Show. That was the last LIVE weekend of shows. After that, it was a FB Live world, here's a link to view those online archived shows:

Unique sets, new versions of old and new songs. Some shows include a couple/few covers, some have special guests, and about 60 horribly punny jokes. Toy sound effect Boos &Crickets, Slinky Meditations, a CoHost mannequin named Helen Wait. 

FB Live Shows and streamed shows are now prevalent, as viable income and community builders for for many artists. I don't do them every single week, but i do them often, and just about every week. In the early going I did two shows a week from my laptop into living rooms. It was a life and rent saver solution during Covid, and still is.

As we open up again, and vaccines help lower the panic buttons for indoor gigs, the Mudpudle gatherings are happening again in Niles, occasionally. As the host i'm extra-careful, of being the club that got someone sick at a gathering. But i'm doing them with vaccinated boosted attendees now, who are also tested Negative the Day Of Show. It's a window and relief and joy to be doing something in the shop again. While the clubs and festivals and venues were shut down, i had the shop as a refuge. Were it not for the generous watchers of the Facebook Shows, the shop would have surely had to close. Still there on Niles Blvd. The three years of financial gaps and holes, managing to be above water or treading water, is a success. Swaps and shows are on again. Thanks to all of you who helped keep it propped up and semi-solid these past few years :).   

What happened to music when Covid came around, was a curse, and some blessings. 

2020 started out great, with tours to Texas, Florida, PA, NY, NY and Michigan in January and February, and a great weekend of gigging in Pasadena and Hollywood in early March. Then Poof, songwriters headed for the basements and started doing Online Shows. Facebook Live, honestly, has been an income and shop rent saver. Started out doing them on my cell phone. That evolved, with the help and coaching of a few savvy friends and their spare gear. I ran an internet cable to the shop, ran the ethernet cable to the old 2012 Mac, and found suitable USB mics and cameras that transformed the Mudpuddle Shop into a dinky TV Concert Studio. As my one and only concert venue, that i owned but which nobody else could play in, i began a twice a week commut to the puddle, a block from my house. No van wear and tear of road trips in the car, and a new format that is not going away anytime soon. The FB airwaves reaches friends in Boston, Chicago, Florida, Texas, Europe - everywhere in between. We are now all able to attend shows from our living rooms. Weekly concerts (sometimes twice a week), along with songwriter zoom workshops, have paid the bills, kept my shop afloat so that with the DamPanic vaccinations working pretty well, we are now back in Niles for in person jams and shows again. All in all, while the 2020 lemons provided some fun and fulfilling pitchers of lemonade. I am missing the live music traveling life. Little by little it is coming back. Also, i'm glad for this online way of staying connected and creative, during the longer slog of SIP (Shelter-in-Place) this was and is still a blessing. Not everyone is going to venture back into the Mudpuddle. But for those who do, the Mudpuddle is a branch of sanity and creativity I hold on to. For the safe and comfortable side of that effort, as a venue owner, we only gather with other who are fully vaxxed and boosted, and who are cool with the "Test Negative The Day Of Show" policy. Then we can let our hair down. 

~ Thanks for watching, donating, helping to keep the gigging and Mudpuddle Shop thriving. And if you want to attend a Mudpuddle Shop show or song swap in Niles sometime, send a note to McNevin to get on a guest list.