Homes and Gigs. And Mike is actually writing this!

Hi everybody, June was a month of couches, floors, and singing by rivers, and July has been much the same. I've let some of my payroll people go, but I do hope to have Allison and/or others back in the loop soon to help me update this web stuff and get more gigs and CDs rolling. When Mary passed away, we all thought the "in-law" apartment in Niles I was renting might be available to me within a couple weeks, but alas, my stuff is still in a Pod, and likely will stay there into Sept as the house is fixed up some. Once sold, the house won't be mine to move back into anyway, so I'm squatting on all kinds of floors, mainly Kass' place, down the street while she and her boyfriend are off traveling. Thanks Kass! The Delta trip was awesome, two weeks living there in cabins with my mom and brothers didn't suck! Then July 4th had me up on the shores of S. Lake Tahoe for a wonderful house concert at the Frost's place. My God what a peice of heaven that place is.

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