Muddy Mish Mash of tours, gigs, doings of 2019 & early 2020.

Below are Tour Schedules, posted, pasted as can be done from a car, in a cafe, in a hurry.... 

March 2020 and pretty much into Summer, has been wiped clean by Corona, so most of Michael's concerts will be online, broadcast from the Mudpuddle SHop for the foreseeable future. Please watch a few concerts from your living rooms and share the links with freinds! We're also hoping to KEEP our show schedule going with other special guests, to help other touring musicians pay their bills. We'll go virtual and eventually land back inside together, thanks for supporting Live music and keeping it around as we get through this crazy year. 

3/27 Fri Night 7pm, Michael McNevin online Concert, cohosted by the Altadena Divine Rebel produciton freinds who were originally hosting the cancelled concert, we’re keeping the FB Event Page open, for easier access and reminders to the FB LIVe info as we go online live: 

3/28 Sat Night 7pm, Michael McNevin online Concert, cohosted by Arturo Tello and the the Palm Loft Gallery, before it got cancelled. But that gang will be watching online, and all are invited to join us! 

While you all learn to knit, and as so many musicians retool their demolished touring schedules, I'm a gonna make muddy lemonade at The Mudpuddle Shop this Fri and Sat Night March 27th and 28th, streaming from the Puddle at 7pm, CA time. The two shows are hosted by the same SoCal hosts in Altadena and Carpinteria where my weekend shows got cancelled. So they'll be watching at home with you all, and helping the feeds and links along, as we move the shows from the clubs to the couches via our Facebook pages, Event Pages, and the "FB Live" streaming links. I will do my best to meet and greet listeners, between songs or on a mid show break, with the helps of the cohosts :). The cohosts will help share the FB Live stream links around on my FB page and other FB walls, to help join us together on couches in the main feed. Smaller FB watch parties may also form, I think anyone can create a watch party once you're at the feed in FB. Glad some of you know how to do that, but you can always watch the MAIN feed no matter what, which is were I can see the comments that come in :). I have two virtual gadgets working - an iPhone 6 and a 2012 MacBook, which helps toss the show spaghetti on your walls. The reading of comments while I'm playing may or may not be a priority, but within the Mudpuddle walls, I have a few mics set up and a couple vibey lights - it will a fun experiment. Life is an experiment, and sometimes ya blow up the lab. Enjoy from your couches, try not to squint too close at my mistakes and glitches as I figure out the new normal. I'll do a bunch of songs, a few requests, a couple bad jokes, and some person to person ping pong with the hosts as we go live from The Mudpuddle Shop. 

The “Aluminum Oasis” demo collection of songs, now on Bandcamp. Download as singles or all 11 songs, here: 

The FB Event Pages listed above for Fri and Sat will be "cohosted". As the FB Live feeds go online for these canceled SoCal shows, the hosts are all onboard for our new normal. Friday cohosts Dolly Ramirez and Jean-Jacques Schoch (JJ) for the Altadena series, and Saturday host Arturo Tello & Palm Loft Gallery in Carpinteria, they will be watching and helping with the pasting of links to you all so you can find the feeds, enjoy the puddle to couch experience. They'll also post the occasional PayPal and Venmo tip jar addresses on the FB walls. I'll also have the tip jars scribbled in large marker on some poster board. That won't be pretty, but it will be muddy. 

NOTE:, is getting a facelift. It has imigrated into a Bandzoogle Site. On it you will find some of my older releases, but is being updated soon with new template and content. There's also now a donation button, to support Michael's tour hiatus due to Corona Virus, and the effort to keep The Mudpuddle Shop doors open, as we ride out the year until things are back to normal. 


Below this Triple Line, are past gigs, posted as I can, sorry the scrolling is a little wonky as I post new stuff above the old stuff, not all in perfect order, but hopefully you can see where I'm playing where! As the world turns, enjoy the past gig rotisserie. 

~ Michael. 




Hi Mudheads & SoCal! 

Heading home tomorrow from a wonderful run of east coast gigs in Florida, NY, NJ, and PA. Wrote a new song with my buddy Tom Prasada-Rao while down at the Florida Folk Fest, and had a great time romping around with old friends everywhere back there. Have another new song that involves ice fishing on a frozen lake, "Vaudeville On Ice", and got to sing it on a frozen lake back east, to test it out. Not easy to do in 15 degrees. And now I have to pack. 

I land in CA Just in time for the annual Bday Mudpuddle Rent Jam Bashes at the Mudpuddle Shop. Then it's a mad mad March with Concerts in Hollywood, Pasadena, San Diego, Carpinteria, and a few other LA area concerts and towns, plus a couple midweek artist showcases too. It's all listed below. 

Before the March Madness of SoCal shows start, there's a Sat Feb 22 song swap and Birthday jam, 4-9pm, at the Mudpuddle Shop. No RSVP required for Saturday, crash it anytime. Sun Feb 23 is a more curated 4-7pm Showcase and CD Release featuring Deborah Crooks, Danny Allen, and McNevin. It might sell out, but walk-ups welcome. We'll be "In The Round" for a $15-20 donation (give what you can), and there are lots of picking chair opportunities to join in. Sunday also probably goes much later than 7pm. BYO instruments to play and/or ears to listen to either day. RSVP if you like at, or just pop in. And, visit the Michael McNevin & The Spokes Facebook Band Page to view the ongoing Songwriter Salon & Workshop and Concert schedule at the Mudpuddle Shop. Walk-Ups are always welcome to open seats at showtime. 37433 Niles Blvd Fremont, CA. (McNevin & The Spokes). 
Or visit the ole' website: 

Can't wait to fly West to warmer terra muddy, then roll south (twice), to become president of the I-5 Club (again!) ~ Michael 

Fri 3/6, 8-10pm, in North Hollywood at Kulak's Woodshed for the "First Friday" show with my buddy Severin Browne's band.  You can also watch the show online streamed. 

Sat 3/7, 4-8pm, in Highland Park (near Pasadena) for a house concert at Severin's home, a concert & potluck in "The Abbey" hosted by Laurie McClain and Severin Browne. 

Sun 3/8, 5-9pm, for a feature set at the "2nd Sunday Songwriter Series" in Pasadena hosted by pals Dolly Ramirez & JJ, the Divine Rebel Music tribe, with cobillers Kaitlin Huwe and Emily Zuzik Holmes. 

Thurs 3/26, 7-9:30pm, returning to San Diego's "Folkey Monkey" series, a no net seat of the pants duo concert with host and music man Joe Rathburn. 

Fri March 27th, 7-10pm, in Pasadena for the "Songs At The Cafe" at My Place Cafe, hosted by Dolly and JJ, a new series - come support it, and there's an open mic to kick it off. 

Sat March 28th 6:30-9pm, in Carpinteria at The "Palm Loft Gallery" for a concert and potluck, hosted by artist and songwriter pal Arturo Tello, great vibes, tunes, and place. 

Here's details below for all of it, spread the word and bring some friends :). ~ Michael McNevin. 

Sat March 6th, 8pm at the famous Kulak's Woodshed. The "First Friday" show with the Severin Browne band. $10, 8-10pm in North Hollywood, great listening room for songwriter opening the show, and a ton of fun with Severin and the all star band backing him up. You can also watch those shows streamed into your living room at: Kulak's is located at 5230 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91607. (818) 766-9913 & for info, and here's the FB Event Page. 

Sat March 7th, 4pm in Highland Park, CA. Hosted by Severin Browne and Laurie McClain at Sev's place, Laurie and Severin will also perform a few tunes. Pot luck at 4, music at 6, song circle after that, can go as late as we want, plan to burn the candle! RSVP for address & directions to sev1@severinbrowne.comRSVP. Bring a bite and an instrument and your ears. Join the FB Event Page here: 

Sun March 8th, 5-9pm in Montrose, CA at Oceanview Restaurant for the Divine Rebel, Dolly Ramirez and Jean-Jacques Schoch hosted 2nd Sunday Songwriter Series. Open mic opens and closes it, with three 1/2 hour feature acts in the middle: 5:00 - One Hour Open Mic (sign up starts 4:15). 6:00 - The Wholesome w/ Kaitlin Huwe. 6:30 - Emily Zuzik. 7:00 - Michael McNevin. 7:30 - More Open Mic. 3826 Ocean View Blvd, Montrose CA. 

Thurs March 26th, 7-9:30pm. Folkey Monkey Series in San Diego w/ Joe Rathburn. The show is Joe and Mike swapping originals and playing on each others stuff, with tasty back up drummer Jeff Stasny behind us, no rehearsal, and includes a special artist theme to add in a few choice covers, this time it's Gordon Lightfoot! 4780 Mission Gorge Place, Suite H, San Diego, CA 92120. $20. Doors at 6:30, show at 7pm. Walk-ups welcome. 

Fri March 27th, 7-10pm, in Pasadena CA. "Songs At The Cafe" concert series. at My Place Cafe. 2057 N Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA $15-$20 DONATION at the door (whatever you can afford). Plus open mic prior to feature. 

Sat March 28th, 6-9:30 in Carpinteria at Palm Loft Songwriters Circle . 6pm Pot Luck, 6:30 Open Mic, 7:30 Feature set. 410 Palm Ave Loft A-1, Carpinteria, CA 93013. RSVP/Info: (805) 684-9700 or - 

NOTES: Later in March is actually a string of 5 SoCal appearances, in San Diego, Pasadena, South Pass, Arcadia, and Carpinteria. Also appearing on J.C. Hyke's songwriter serenade line up Tues 3/24 in Arcadia (venue TBD, there was a wind storm that knocked down the regular stage it was being held at), and a cameo slot Wed 2/25 at Brad Colerick's "Wine & Song" at The Blue Guitar in the Arroyo Seco Golf Clubhouse in South Pasadena, with nine holes of whack and walk 3-par golf at 5pm if you get there early. 


Jan/Feb/March 2020

Hey Texas, PA, NJ, NY, and Florida, and friends with friends in those places. Had a great TX trip in late January in Kerrville and San Antonio, included a a live audience taping of the new "Music & Conversation" TV show (similar format to "Actors Studio" tv series) at Schreiner University. Thank you Bill Muse and Bill Ward for wrangling that anima, and the faculty and students who made up such a wonderful studio audience (especially TX luminary Kathleen Hudson). Also played San Antonio shows with pal Claude Butch Morgan & The Blast. Now off to the east coast for Mid February dates in FLA & PA & NY & NJ, with Tom Prasada-Rao in Ft Lauderdale, Gregg Cagno in Philly, a Dan Hayes hosted HC in upstate NY, and a birthday Evergreen House Concerts show for Arpie in Plainfield NJ. All the details are below! 

FL, PA, NY, NJ Show details. 

Feb 6-10 in Ft Lauderdale, at South Florida Folk Fest hangin with Tom Prasada-Rao and Susan Moss and the whole Broward Folk Club tribe. Will be sitting in with TPR for a Friday house concert north of Ft Lauderdale, then romping around the festival together. Ping Mike if you want info on the HC above Ft Lauderdale. 

Feb 13-17 in PA, NJ, NY: 

Feb 13th, 7pm. Philly PA area. War3House3. A very hip thrift store & concert space in the Swarthmore area (sounds like The Mudpuddle Shop's big brother!). In addition to a bunch of new songs, I will be playing "Phoenixville", on the very day of it's writing Feb 13th, 2005, it's 15th anniversary, writing in this very neck of the woods outside of Philly. Apropos! Expect that Gregg Cagno makes a cameo appearance at this show too. RSVP with Rob: 610-328-3280, Walk-Ups welcome, seats about 70? 

Fri Feb 14th. Philly, PA  Jarrettown Hotel - 1425 Limekiln Pike, in Dresher, PA.  Playing with old pal Gregg Cagno. I expect to play Valentin'es Day themed song "Phoenixville", and, possibly some Bread. haha! Really happy to be back in the neighborhood to play that one, and share tunes with Cagno. Contact Gregg for the details on either option: (267) 607-9172 & it's at a hotel, with a large Italian restaurant and a decent sized bar, to eat on Valentines day it is probably a very good idea to RSVP a table near the music or in the bar, go to the site. 

Sat Feb 15th. Oxford NY  House Concert at Dan & Lisa's place. Arrive at 5 or 5:30 to mingle, food, show. Could also have an after swap if enough musicians fill the place. Dan's my old friend who used to book The Night Eagle, one of my very favorite concert spaces in the North East. Fond memories of upstate NY there and around there. They will put out food (GF & vegan), along with wine, beer, teas and coffee. Not sure how much extra room they'll have by concert time, so ping Dan early to RSVP. 607 743 4118 

Sun Feb 16th. Plainfield NJ.  Arpie Maros "Evergreen House Concerts" Series Tix here: and email Arpie here:  It's Arpie's Birthday! We've known each other forever, this is my first time at his place. He puts on a wonderful series, and makes a mean cup of high end coffee. The Eventbrite ticket link above helps you get to the concert, and this link gets you to the octane beans: 

And here's some gig trivia: Cagno played The Mudpuddle Shop in Niles last month as part of a 50th birthday celebration for himself surfing many of our prime beaches in NoCal. He's surfed all his life, on the beaches of NJ. Who knew? The House concert in Upstate NY is hosted by none other than Dan Hayes, who used to book The Night Eagle, one of my very favorite concert spaces in the North East. Fond memories in the upstate NY dairy land hamlets of Oxford, Sherberne, Cooperstown, Ithaca. Arpie puts on a wonderful series in Plainfield, and this time it's HIS birthday celebration. We could surf? Or just drink coffee and watch surfers. Arpie makes a mean cup of high end coffee, with an official shingle that reads something like this: AHRRE'S COFFEE ROASTERY, "AHRRE'S IS FRESHER THAN THEIRS", AKA Ahrre Maros, Ahrre's Coffee, aka Arpie. He caffeinates many folks all over NJ & NY with his coffees, and the best of his beans can be delivered to you in California or Texas or anywhere else. It has been 15 years TO THE DAY that I was gigging in Phoenixville PA, during snow falls that broke records from 1902, I was up and down the eastern seaboard running from the snow. Every town I played; DC, Philly, NYC, got a foot and half on it the day after I left. All my gigs were good, and my travels NORTH helped me escape this Mid Atlantic blast. I landed at Sonny Oaks place on the Monday after the NYC gig, helped her shovel her driveway and walks for two straight days at her in the Catskills, dubbed "Winter Work Camp For Wayward Californians". I wrote a Valentin'es Day themed song titled "Phoenixville" at the beginning of that trip in the attic guest room above a thrift store down the street from Steel City Coffeehouse outside of Philly. This upcoming trip, I'll play the same song, on Feb 13th, the day I wrote it 15 years ago, in a thrift store in Swarthmore PA, outside of Philly. My old soccer goalie Andy and his wife Amy will be in attendance, whom I have not seen since maybe my soccer playing days, from the 80s', our team was The Blasters, and we had quite a run during the old Lyons Brewery Depot bar gig days. Andy was the goalie till he broke his hand. Speaking of Blast. Had a great time in San Antonio this past weekend playing with Butch Morgan & The Blast, his 80's band, and caught many of his other friends around San Antonio. What a cool town and community. At Sanchos, I followed the Arturo "Sauce" Gonzalez blues band, a revered talented gang of gentleman banging out some great blues. I played a mini-set, then it was Butch and The Blast, with Go Go on drums and Robar on bass. They did their 80s band reunion show, a classic originals kick in the ass only Butch and his unique playing and writing could create. (Mudpuddlers, fear not, Butch is coming to CA to get Muddy, sooner or later, hell or high water). We also had a packed comfy cosy concert at Butch & Barbara's house in Devine TX. San Antonio has lots of nooks and crannies for live music, and Devine has Butch. 

Turn off the TV (unless you'er watching the taped TX show somehow), and come out to a show somewhere. Rooting for east coast sunshine in mid Feb. ~ Michael. ~ Michael 


What a great trip in Texas :) 

Jan 26, 9pm in San Antonio with buddy Butch Morgan & The Blast at Sancho's. Reunion shows for The Blast, including a 7pm opening set with Sauce Gonzalez and the West Side band, piano and horns and guitars and rhythem section, a bunch of revered S.A. blues gents doing a two hour set, with McNevin after that for a solo set, then Butch and Blast on till about Midnight. 

Jan 27th, 6pm House Concert at Butch And Barbara's in Devine TX, about 35 minutes outside of San Antonio. 

Jan 28th, 7pm. Kerrville, TX at Schreiner University "Music & Conversation"In the Junkin Campus Ministry Center- Rodman Steele Recital Hall. 2100 Memorial Blvd Kerrville, TX. Free to the public, show up and be part of the studio audience. 


Past Gigs, 2019


Hey Bay! Fun stuff coming up in Nov and Dec. At The Bistro in Hayward Sat Nov 23rd with the fabulous Keller Sisters, Kathy Ray, Maurice Tani, and ole pal Phil Bennett of Starship sitting in too. A Sunday 11/24 cameo in SF on Sunday for Paul Griffith's CD release at Lost Church in the Mission. The rest of November and December is a muddy season,TON of songwriter stuff in Niles at the Mudpuddle Shop as regular Wednesday songwriter salons begin Dec 4, 11, 18, and a Dec 1st Rose Valley Thorns concert. Our 10th Annual St Nicks Of Niles benefit show is Sun Dec 8th at The Nile Cafe just down the street. Sat Dec 14th I head to the north bay for a special Sebastopol "In The Round" house concert hosted by Emily Lois. We'll be sending 2019 out with a couple between holiday song swaps on Dec 28th & 29th at the puddle, and the annual NYE Bash too. See you out somewhere, probably in a hat! Keep an ear and eye out for more FB event pages coming out on the various concerts and puddle swaps and doings. Most Mudpuddle concerts are followed by swaps so bring your instruments, or borrow a guitar, or just listen. Most Nov and Dec gatherings are family friendly, invite your out-of-town visitors, escape the living room and the football games for an hour or two. RSVP to Mike for the puddle stuff: 37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA. If you want to bring your own large gang down to the puddle, write Mike to set something up: 
~ Happy Muddy. Mike. 

Below are the basics in a list, and below that are more details of each Nov and Dec gathering. 

Sat Nov 23, 3-6pm in Hayward at The Bistro w/ McNevin & The Keller Sisters & other special guests. 

 Sun Nov 24, 4pm in SF at Lost Church, CD release show for Paul Griffiths & Other Guests. 

 Fri Nov 29, 6-10 in Niles, Annual Mudpuddle Parade & Jam. 

 Sun Dec 1st, 7pm Mudpuddle Shop w/ The Rose Valley Thorns. 

 Dec 4th, Dec 11th, Dec 18th - Wednesday Songwriter Salon Series at The Mudpuddle (Jam & Song Swap, Works In Progress, McNevin & The Spokes). 

 Sun Dec 8th, 5-9pm St Nick's Of Niles 10th Annual Benefit Bash at The Nile Cafe. 

 Sat Dec 14, 7pm in Sebastopol an In The Round House Concert. 

 Sat & Sun Dec 28 & 29, 2-5pm. Mudpuddle Afternoon Holiday Hangouts. 

 Tues Dec 31st, 9-midnight, NYE At The Mudpuddle. 


Sat Nov 23, 3-6pm in Hayward at The Bistro. 

Michael McNevin & The Keller Sisters & Friends. I been playng ths place since i was underage! Playing for fun, playing with freinds, it’s a holiday extravabeerza and variety show with Cobillers the Keller Sisters and McNevin, with cameos by Maurice Tani, Kathy Ray, Phil Bennett & others. Drop in anytime, it is Free to get in. We’ll be passing a basket. 1001 B Street, Hayward CA 

FB Event Page: 


Sun Nov 24, 4pm in SF at The Lost Church. 

CD Release Show for Paul Griffiths & his band, with special guest songwriters Jim Bruno, Aireene Espiritu, Michael McNevin, Others. 

McNevin kicks of the show with a couple songs, don’t blink! In the heard of the Mission District, on Capp St. a couple blocks from the 16th and Mission Bart station. Get your tickets in advance! 


Fri Nov 29, 6-10 in Niles, Annual Mudpuddle Parade Jam. 

 The Annual Niles Tree Lighting Parade & Puddle Jam! 6-7pm. Prime view of Niles Blvd Parade on puddle sidewalk. 7-10pm. $10-20 sliding donation. Mudpuddle Shop jam & song swap. RSVP or just show up. 37433 NIles Blvd Fremont CA. No RSVP needed to stand on the Sidewalk. Bunch of seats and standing room outside, then we head back inside for music after parade (7:30?).  Over 60 floats, horses, dancers, motorcyles, vintage fire engines and cars, big baloons, and Santa on a sleigh. Several thousand neighbors and freinds line the sidewalk. Mayberry magic. We’ll pick tunes in round robin jam style, but could also run it with a showcase vibe at times. All welcome, throw $10-20 bucks in the donation baskets.  NOTE: They close Niles Blvd in downtown about 3pm. Parking in the neighborhood after about 4:30 becomes difficult. Lots of parking does open up again afer the parade is over. The Niles Canyon Railway will also begin it’s Train Of Lights night runs through Niles Canyon. Great view of 15 real vintage train cars all lit up. We usually have hot chocolate and schnapps, byo beverage of your choice. 


Sun Dec 1st, 7pm in Niles at The Mudpuddle Shop. 

 The Rose Valley Thorns from Ojai/Santa Barbara, this trio are some of my favorite new folks on the music scene. Great pickers, lyrics and songs, twists and turns they land on their feet. They inject progressive bluegrass and modern folk and harmonies into a unique song soup. They were a 'Venue's Choice' showcase act at the recent FAR-west conference down in Woodland Hills. They'll do a 50 minute feature set, followed by a Sunday night jam and song swap with the Thorns and any local pickers who want to sit (Los Horribles!). With the Thorns on mandolin guitar and upright bass, the aferjam alone could be worth the price of admission.  Play till the cows go home. it's the Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend, so hopefully you'll have some midnight oil to burn. This might sell out, get your RSVPs in early! 37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA, walk-ups welcome to open seats. $15-20 sliding donation. RSVP to or at this event page - 


 Dec 4th, Dec 11th, Dec 18th in Niles at The Mudpuddle. 

 Wednesday Songwriter Salons + Tunes & Trucks (the food trucks come to the Niles Plaza, if you want to dine low budget. Starting a new regular Wednesday night gathering. Depending  on the day and the gathering focus - part open mic, part out-of-towner showcasing, with workshops and concert nights. For December, Dec 4th will be an Open Mic with one or two “featured guest” sets (including Phil Bennett!), come one come all. December 11th will be a Songwriters “Works In Progress” song swap, bring your original songs to share, finished or unfinished. Dec 18th will be a McNevin & The Spokes Concert. These 1st 2nd and 3rd Wednesday nights will then repeat into January and beyond through 2020, as the crow flies. 


 Sun Dec 8th, 5-9pm St Nick’s Of Niles 10th Annual Benefit Bash at The Nile Cafe. 

 Drop in anytime between 5-9, 121 I St, Fremont CA. Enjoy lots of local live music, wine and beer provided. $20 goes toward The Giving Hope Program of Fremont, Benefiting our less fortunate neighbors. The Nile Café is transformed into an intimate bistro of acoustic music, showcases, music, comedy, low lights, and complimentary wine & mulled cider. Enjoy a loose and often hilarious variety show with Michael McNevin and The Spokes, Los Horribles, and other local Niles talent. Every year we try to raise awareness and cash for the "Giving Hope" program, providing gift cards and holiday baskets for Fremont's less fortunate families and seniors along with their pet companions. Bring your giving spirit and smiles, it’s a blast.  Come as you are, hang with the locals, have a blast, and help a neighbor in need. Hope to see you at The Nile Cafe, is 1/2 a block from the flagpole in town, and about two blocks from The Mudpuddle Shop. The Nile Cafe is at 121 I St, Fremont, CA. (510) 791-6049. FB Event page to share and invite: 


Sat Dec 14, 7pm in Sebastopol an In The Round House Concert. 

 Feat: Sarah Larkin, Michael McNevin, Callie Watts Dilbeck, Rick Hardin. Four Singer-Songwriters “In The Round”. $20. 707.292.3992. Doors at 6pm, show 7-9:30pm. 911 Midpine Way, Sebastopol, CA. Seats 60 max. Bring a snack to share and beverage of your choice! Produced by Emily Lois: & LMHouseConcerts. 

 Event Page: 

Venue LInk: 


 Sat & Sun Dec 28 & 29. Mudpuddle Holiday Hangouts. 

 Between the big XMas and NYE holidays is the most mudderful time of the year. Afternoon jams and swaps. Train Of Lights are still runing, opportune times to make some music in the mud in downtown Niles. We’ll shoot for Sat Eve and Sun Afternoon Dec 28 & 29. This also allows for a McNevin cameo earlier that Sat Dec 28 at The Bistro when Sandi & The Rockerfellers start their 4th Saturday afternoon series there. It'll be a like a progressive music dinner without food 


 Tues Dec 31st, 9-midnight, NYE At The Mudpuddle. 

 Lots of music making and messing around, along with a few boa’s, cardboard NYE hats, champagne, with renditions of Auld Lang Syne, originals by McNevin, Los Horribles, and covers too, it’s a party. We’ll roll out the muddy carpet but come as you are. Seats about 25, walk-ups are welcome to crash it anytime too - it’s a party, we can make room. Some sidewalk hang area is ok too. Musicians bring your instruments. $10-20 sliding donation. And an RSVP with Mike secures you a seat: info@michaelcnevincom. 37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA 


Nov 15th 2019 - McNevin Fri Night in Moss Beach at Cypress Meadows! 

"Unplugged" at Cypress Meadows in Moss Beach, Nov 15th, 7-9pm. This is my 3rd time playing at this sweet series. Two solo sets. Host Bob Peterson opens with a couple songs. I'll have my Danelectro and also the Guild acoustic, dip into some alternative tunings. No PA, and No mics. An intimate listening room, fun people run it and fill the seats. Beverage bar available by donation, we pass the basket on the break. Doors at 6:30, show at 7. Walk-Ups Welcome. 343 Cypress Ave, Moss Beach CA. About ten minutes north of Half Moon Bay. Gonna be a good one! Here's the exact FB event link to share and invite: 

hi Ann Arbor! Michael McNevin at Johnny's Speakeasy, Sat Oct 26th, 8pm. The wonderful Emily Rose opens. It's a house concert in a real prohibition basement speakeasy, a funky, cool, friendly listening room. Best unkept secret in Ann Arbor. Seats about 40. If you know folks in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area, send them to Johnny and see all the links below for Tix/Info: 734-665-6383 or 

FB Oct 26th Concert Event Page: 

BrownPaperTickets link: 

Jonny's FB Venue Page: 

Teaser for Saturday night concert goers at Johnny's Speakeasy, a Facebook Live clip of Michael McNevin playing a couple songs, “Aluminum Oasis” and “Get Me Outa Here”: 

- Also, songwriters, this is sold out for way up in Northern Michigan, but you may want to check out Lambs Retreat sometime. This year of 2019, it runs Oct 31st to Nov 10th. Most writers attend one or the other weekend, but part of the bunch hang on the property the whole 10 days. 45 writers of all levels populate the property. Special guests this year include Michael Smith, Anne Hills, Joel Mabus, Ray Bonneville, Claudia Schmidt, Pierce Pettis, Joshua Davis, Julianne Ankley, Chris Buhalis, Olivia Millerschin. It's at the tip of the 3rd finger of "The Mitt", in Harbor Springs MI. 


Hey LA! Double dipping on the road tripping. Got a nail in Maybelle Carter McGuzzlah's front tire last week in Woodland Hills at the FARwest conference. No biggie, slow leak toward the side wall, Sunday I put some air in it, drove it to a repair shop, new tire for 90 bucks, headed north. Now the new one CAN'T WAIT to double its mileage tomorrow as we roll south again for the potluck concert and song swap at Coddy & Mary Nuckols beautiful A-Frame. A two story cabin, a folk cathedral, on a hilltop in coyote and horse country. It's just a five hour drive from my doorstep to theirs. The new tire will be dizzy, I will be stiff, and the '92 Caddy has creaky knees too. Potluck and concert hosted by Coddy, a fine songwriter himself, quite a few other artists do populate the place, and the song swap that follows the concert. Doors at 6 pm, Music at 7pm. Potluck. A song swap follows the show, quite a few of the songwriting community comes up to hang out together. Other side of the 210, a few minutes from Sylmar (not effected by the fire last week). Contact Coddy to RSVP: 818-486-8505.  $20. FB event page: 


Hey muddy muds! McNevin in Nashville, end of September: 

9.26. Nashville, TN. at Douglas Corner. 

         8:30 w/ Antsy McClain & The Troubs. 

9.28. Mount Juliet, TN. Home Concert. 

        7pm. Contact Antsy or Mike to rsvp. 

9.29. Nashville, TN. The Commodore. 

         7pm - 7:40 In The Round w/ Others. 

Heading to Nashville this morning. Watched some of the country music series by Ken Burns last night, it was up to episode #7, covered the '70s and '80s, good stuff. I loved living there in 1998, recorded Sketch there at Cliff Goldmacher's Walk-in Closet, lived in Carol Elliot's Writers Boarding House attic room for six months, and was touring through prior every six months or so to play The Bluebird early round show and play pickup baseball with the songwriters living around Sylvan Park. Had a TON of fun (sans the huge tornado that came through downtown while I was recording near Centennial Park... that was surreal). But I got a real dose of how dedicated songwriters live and work. The town has a great arts culture, making all kinds of music, not just country. It's really a small town after a while, the folks know and support each other, find their tribe, song-write and record, helps to have best of the best musicians at one another's finger tips. Last time through was at least 10 years ago. I hear it has changed, 18 skyscraper cranes dotting the Nashville skyline. Some towns are gonna change. Antsy McClain & The Troubs are hosting me the Thursday and Saturday shows. The Sat Night concert at Antsy's home, if you have friends who'd like to come, we can probably fit another 10 folks. Sunday is a short In The Round showcase at The Commodore Grill on the West End. Looking forward to the gigs, visiting, see how bad the traffic might be, can't be worse than SF Bay though. They also have weather. I'm including my iPhone Siri screen shot of the Nashville forecast this week. Gonna be warm & friendly. 

~ Michael 


A month of doings Aug 31-Sept 30 2019! This weekend in Livermore Aug 31st, then Livermore again Sept 7th, and other stuff in Berkeley, and Napa, and Nashville, and Niles. Hope you can make a show or hoedown in your area. Below the gig info below, is a historic little tale about the famous bandit Juaquin Murrieta, who traveled through Livermore and Niles Canyon back in the mid 1800s. Enjoy! ~ Michael. 

Sat Aug 31st Sounds Of Summer Concert Series at Murietta's Well Winery. 5:30-8pm, with Songwriter Michael McNevin. $50 includes Music, Dinner, & an Estate Grown Glass of Wine. 5:30 Meet & Eat,. 6:30-8pm Music. 3005 Mines Rd Livermore, CA 94550. 925-456-2395. ADV TIX Here: 

Fri Sept 6th at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. The annual songwriter extravaganza for the West Coast Songwriters Grand Finals for "Song Of The Year". I'll be playing "Young Santos" as my offering, along with so many other wonderful songs by friends and peers of WCS. It'll be a great variety of music and community, thanks to the org that helped me get my wheels rolling back in 1991! 

Sept 7th, 11am-9pm "Love Livermore Live" Fest at Darcie Kent Vineyards. McNevin set is at 7pm on the Acoustic Stage. Rotating Lineup on the Barn, Truck, and Acoustic Stages: Crawdad Republic, Meredith McHenry, Bacchus Brothers, The Midnites, Michael McNevin, Big Sticky Mess, Anna Steiger, The Mundaze, Lucas Sanchez, Wolf Hamlin, Night Harvest, The Gitanos, Loren Olk, The Late AM, Rock Workshop. 7000 Tesla Road, Livermore, CA. (925) 243-9040. $45.00 for all day pass. Benefits Musical Instruments for Livermore Youth. 

Sept 13-14-15. The Annual WCS Music Conference at Fort Mason in SF. Worth the gander for a day or two or three if you're a songwriter wanting to connect and learn about the music biz, get your songs into movies, film, TV, or cut by other artists. 

Sept 19-22, Flying High Music Camp up in Napa. Friends, beginners, old pros, casual listeners, got a new music and camping and cabin thang outside Napa. My old pal Jim Funk (of The Dawdlers and Sun Kings fame) got me looped in. Happens at Enchanted Hills Camp. I do casual guitar and songwriting workshops Fri afternoon and Sat afternoon. Meals and pool and cabins with beds and linens and bath, and tent cabins, and Car or RV or Tent. Camp fires, horseshoes, hiking trails, outdoor bowling! haha. It's all included. Do all 3 days and nights ($290), or a day and a night ($150), or just be a daytripper ($75). BYO wine/beer. Musicians and Non-musicians welcome to play, write, learn, listen in. Hit the eventbrite link below for schedule, location, more details. Check in with Marco the organizer too: or by cell at (415) 384-1395. 

EventBrite Tix Link: 

Here's a FB event page for it too for a more informal way of checking in with me on it. 

Sept 25th-Oct 2nd, in Nashville TN. Two shows, and some writing & recording, hanging with old friends. 

Sept 26th is at Douglas Corner sitting in with Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours (late show, 9pm). 

Sat Sept 28th house concert outside of Nashville. You can attend the house concert if you just ping me and ask for the info :). Still digging around for a Fri 9/27 or Sun 9/29 show or a Writers In The Round somewhere, if you know of one, or want to host something please let me know. :). 

Sunday Sept 22nd, 4-7pm Mudpuddle Showcase & Song Swap + the annual daytime Niles Canyon Roll & Stroll! Musicians include Rob Shaw, McNevin, and other special guests rotating in the pilgrim chair. This is the same day as the annual Niles Canyon "Roll & Stroll" an all day outdoor thang in the Canyon - the road is closed to cars, so come ride your bike or walk through it, or ride the Niles Canyon Railway Steam Trains rolling through it all day ($12 bucks a train ride, do the morning or mid day, then come to the 4pm showcase after). Bring a picnic on train or the walk. I'll be getting back from Napa that morning, and there is a remote chance I busk in the canyon, like 1-3pm? Anyone else up for that? I think Rob and his TX friend are? That would be a trip right? The 4-7pm Mudpuddle hang is open to all pickers and listeners, with an early emphasis on the showcasers. It gets looser later for the swapping and jamming, bring your axe or borrow one. Play till the cows go home. Pizza dinner for all is also an option. 37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA. RSVP to, or just pop in and grab a seat anytime after 4pm. 

Sept 1st? Sept 8th? Locally here in Niles, we are OVERDUE for a song swap or jam at the Mudpuddle Shop. It's a good idea to watch my Facebook walls (personal and bandage) for those kinda things. Maybe we go for a Sunday afternoon Sept 1st, 2-5pm? or Sun Sept 8th, 2-5pm? Raise your hand if you want do to something like that - emails me at and just say you'd like to know about them and I'll get you on a muddy swap list. I can also add you to a Facebook Mudpuddle Swappers & Jammers group page for stuff like that. That goes for all the other gigs I do too, I don't get emails out all the time, or always in time, so you may also find things to do on FB! 

37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA.  (Personal FB Page) (McNevin & The Spokes) 

And the January 16-20, 2020 Songwriter Retreat in Cambria: 

The next Song Camp is ON. Mark your calendars for the next Pacific Songwriting Camp, Jan 16-20. Our last two camps in January 2018 & 2019 were amazing! We have nothing but love and respect for what our mentor Penny Nichols did with these camps for 15 years, and now myself and Caroline Testard are doing our best to keep that creative torch burning. 34 new songs got written and performed at the last one. Wow, what a weekend. You don't have to even play, don't have to start or finish a song, but you probably will. Just come and get creative with us on the Cambria Coast. The camp has been a huge factor in my writing and growth the last 8 years, it's an amazing experience for everyone there of all levels. 60-70 writers, teachers, coaches and friends gather and write and play. Visit our site and consider adding your own creative juice to our January gathering. 

Wanna host a house concert? 

It's easy. You're the host, I show up, we have a concert. Any takers please ping me. And as always, keep an eye on the FB band page and personal pages - good for short notice alerts of new gigs and gatherings coming up at the Mudpuddle and at large. 

Fun Fact: 

"Murrieta's Well" winery is hauntingly beautiful, and maybe it's haunted .... here's a little tale about the famous bandit, Joaquin Murrieta, how Niles and Livermore both played a part in his Wild West history from 170 years ago, during the California Gold Rush. ... Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Fun Fact: Niles and Livermore, towns about 20 minutes apart by car, are akin to one another, by the railroads, their hills, and their history. They were also both hideouts for the famous 1850s bandit. Our local Niles "Clampers" chapter are actually named for Joaquin Murrieta, the famous Mexican Robin Hood of the Gold Rush. The whole history of Murrieta's rough and rowdy life is of course online, all the way down to stories about his missing head, which is rumored to be buried in Niles Canyon. Our local biker bar is The Florence, 3 doors down from the Mudpuddle Shop, and it is the main a locale of choice for the Niles "Clampers". They shoot pool there, drink a bit, and generally do good stuff for humanity, when they're not raising hell on humanity. If you don't know what a Clamper is, google that up too - a sort of Gold Mining union that was formed during the Gold Rush, to help the families of the 49ers; if anything ill-fated happened to their gold-panning brethren, the group helped take care of the wife and children. It's kinda like The Elks Lodge, only different. Anyway, they had a colorful way of initiating new comers, still do. E Clampus Vitas is their sacred motto. You may have seen their good work over the years, as they erect stone and cement historical markers and plaques all over the state of California. Many of the monuments are crooked, but they won't be going anywhere, as they are fortified with Clamper cement, and beer. As to the famous bandit Joaquin Murrieta himself, well any Clamper can tell you, and tell you again, about him. And as the rumors and myths surrounding the bandit get retold and embellished in various ways, one story remains mostly or completely possibly true. A bounty hunter and California Ranger by the name of Love, was after Joaquin, and finally caught up with him and four of the other gang of bandits down by Fresno. They were sure they had killed Joaquin, along with the notorious Three Fingered Jack, who also had a bounty on his head. The rangers cut off the heads of Juaquin and Jack, as proof for the bounty, along with Jack's three fingered hand for extra proof. They then rode for SF, with the heads and hand in jars full of alcohol. Jacks head didn't last, so they buried it on the way. They charged $1 a look though, to folks along the way to see Murrieta's head and Jacks three fingered hand. As for Joaquin's head, his sister got a look at it, and said that was NOT his brother's head. Since they didn't parade the jars up to the Sierra Nevada gold country where others would have identified him properly, it was thought the head's authenticity was in question. It was also reported that Joaquin had been spotted still alive, out and about, after Love's so-called bounty killings. Love never quite lived that rumor down, as the whole thing may have been a ruse, using someone else's head. The alternate claim then came up around here in Niles, that the actual head of Murrieta remained attached and alive on him, or, it was at some point buried under a cabin in Niles Canyon. Or was that Jack's head? Whereas, or henceforth, if the other head that went to SF was someone else's head, who is to say if Murriet'as real head got put in a jar. As far as Niles and Livermore is concerned, today at least, Murrieta's gang is said to have surely hid out in both places, as he sought revenge and justice, like a Mexican Robin Hood, and inspired the early pulp fiction stories of Zorro. Joaquin did hide out in Niles Canyon, and one of the other local Northern CA Hills hideouts is the very location I'll be playing music this Sat Night in Livermore, at the Winery named "Murrieta's Well". I may have to write a song about this guy someday. 


Hey muddy muds and map crawlers! It's Summer 2019. Flying to Seattle area for gigs tonight and through the weekend of Aug 1-4, then back to the Bay Area for a Sun Aug 11th show at Armandos in Martinez, a 4pm shindig wiith McNevin & McClellan & The Spokes and special guests The Keller Sisters! 

Future tours for Fall and Winter 2019/20 will take me to TN, MI, TX, NJ, NY, NH, and back to CA. Please do Add a gig to the pile if you have one! Sept in Nashville. Oct & Nov in Michigan. Jan In Cambria (Pacific Songwriting Camp 1/16-20). Jan in Texas (& maybe New Orleans?). Feb in New Jersey, NYC, & North East. 

Below is the Armandos scoop for Aug 11th, and deets for this weekend in Gig Harbor, Olympia, and a Snohomish cobill with Aireene Espiritu! 

Hope to see you out and about ~ Michael. 


Aug 11th, 4pm 

Martinez CA 


McNevin & McClellan & The Spokes return to Armando's in Martinez Sunday Aug 11th, for a 4pm afternoon show. Includes special guests The Keller Sisters and other pals jumping up to join us. Armandos has a great vibe stage and sound for the Americana thang. Doors at 3:30, show at 4pm, $15 cash only at the door. Use the FB Event Page to share and invite your east bay and Martinez neighbors :-). 

Info: (925) 228-6985 

707 Marina Vista Avenue, Martinez CA 94553 


Below are the WA concerts this weekend - In Gig Harbor Thur Night, Olympia Fri Night, and Snohomish Sunday afternoon. 

Thurs Aug 1st 7pm in Gig Harbor WA, private house concert. 
at Bob and Laurie are hosting an acoustic porch concert at their home Thursday Night Aug 1st at 7pm. Friends of friends welcome. RSVP to Laurie via FB or email at Music at 7pm, 5:30 BBQ provided if you can arrive early to eat. $20 donation, goes to the artist. Please bring your favorite lawn chair (just in case). Here's the event page link to share and invite: 

Fri Aug 2nd in Olympia WA, private house concert. 
A yard concert this Friday in Olympia, at Rhenae & Steve’s place. $20 per head. Doors at 7pm, concert about 8pm. RSVP to Rhenae via email at:, she will shoot you the address and a few more details. 

Sun Aug 4th 4pm in Snohomish WA the Concerts At Lost Lake series. A house concert cobill with Aireene Espritu and Michael McNevin from NoCal. About 10 seats left? Doors 3:15pm, Show 4pm. $20 donation. 100% goes to artists. RSVP required to Michael at for more details and the adress. 


more past gigs, they sometimes scroll without much order to them. As the gig world turns! Enjoy the rotating. 


Hello friends and neighbors! It'll be Busy Muddy Festy this weekend in Niles, and a beautiful time next weekend in the Sierra Nevada foothills at The Woodflock Festival. On tap for this weekend are Two afternoon Mudpuddle jam thangs, an annual Spring Fest & Garden Tour, and a Federico’s brunch music blowout. The afternoon Mudpuddle jams are Sat 2-5pm & Sun Noon-4pm. All pickers and listeners welcome to pop in anytime. Coinciding with the Mudpuddle Sunday Jam in Niles is the Annual Spring Fest & Garden Tour, 10am-3pm Sun May 19th, includes Open Gardens and Open Studios all over town and the neighborhood. And, then there’s a Federico's Sunday music lineup on their back patio, Noon-5pm, celebrating their new All-Day brunch service. Rob Cassidy is hosting that. A McNevin set is indeed scheduled for that Federico’s line up DURING the Mudpuddle Jam. How? Well, that is whereby I skips OUT of the Sunday Mupduddle Jam at 1:20, do a 1:25-1:55 set at Federcio’s down the street, then sprint back to the puddle, as Los Horribles keep the muddy fires burnin till i get back (or I’ll just close the shop doors for a half hour?). Lots to do, rain or shine. Part of the Federico’s crowd will likely pop into the puddle as a 2nd Roof, a Green Room, a new place to hang, or a place to dry out, etc. 

And After this weekend, if you’re wondering what to do on Memorial Day Weekend, come to WoodFlock with us! McNevin & McClellan, Antsy McClain & The Trailerpark Troubadours, Rachel Garlin, Late For The Train, Sourdough Slim, and other camp pickers. Campfire concerts, workshops, great community dinners and breakfasts included, about 100 of us tent and car camping, RV-ing, and using the no-extra-charge cabins. There's a big comfy lodge there too, so if any cold weather comes up, not a problem for the shows and gatherings, and Cribbage.