Broken Finger? (I've never blogged... Does this thing work?)

Hi visitors. I got a hairline crack in my left hand middle finger last year. That finger is fine now, but in healing it, I started playing slide, to be able to hang at the Mudpuddle Shop jams. I mainly use C cell Duracell batteries, I don't want people to think they're getting a REAL slide player if/when they ask me to sit in on a tune or two. lass slide on the danelectro is fun and fits with twang and dirty. No open G or open D, just standard. It's not too horrible! So, my first blog ever in this website...  and honestly, I've now come back 7 years later, in 2017, to visit the site and it's bells and whistles, and thought to edit this post, but not add another one. One of these days I'll update the site, and maybe get the blog a bit busier. I've had it now for how long? famous last words :) 

Hope to see you at a gig somewhere -  Sincererly, Mike McKnucklehead.

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