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Michael McNevin: News

January 2015 - Gigs in CA & TX - January 13, 2015

Happy New Year to friends near and far, here are some January gigs in CA and TX to get it started. Have a great month and a terrific muddy year. 

Love & safe travels

~ Michael 

Fri Jan 9th  5pm 
Ben Lomond, CA 
Guest artist speaker at a Songwriters Retreat (private week-long event, but you can attend as a songwriter next January 2016 by contacting Brett Perkins) - Much of the same group of folks play Saturday Night in Monterey as they end their retreat together and start gigging around Cali.
Sat Jan 10th   8m 
Monterey, CA -
Bay Park Hotel's "Safari Lounge" a very nice bar with stage. An International Songwriter Showcase Cobill w/ Annette Bjergfeldt, Andy Goggin, Annika Fehling, Brett PerkinsBurton JespersenAnn-Sofie Rørsgaard, Maria Blom, Michael McNevin, Kiki Wow, and others.  1425 Munras Ave Monterey, CA  93940  Links for more gig and artist info:'   , or, 

Sun Jan 11th  2-5pm
Niles CA  (in Fremont) 
MudPuddle Shop Jam. An informal "In The Round" song swap at the smallest venue west of the Mississippi. Includes a visit by the beloved Fredrick family (Nate has his mom and dad down from Seattle, they combine to play piano, bagpipes, accordion, fiddle, bass, guitar, percussion). Whoever's in the room can join in as part of "Los Horribles". No RSVP required, but it can get full - get there at 2pm for a guaranteed seat.  BYO.  Donations in the baskets appreciated. 37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA 94536   (510) 794-9935. 
Tues Jan 13th  7-9pm  
Niles CA
"2nd Tuesday Sonwriter Group" at The Mupuddle Shop. Monthly workshop and song swap, sharing of ideas, loose social gathering to talk songwriting. Optional pizza delivery if we're hungry. 37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA 94536   (510) 794-9935.  BYO, no RSVP required. $10-20 or give what you can. 

Fri Jan 16th 7:30pm 
Winnsboro, TX  
Winnsboro Arts Center w/ Lynn Adler, Lindy Hearne, Michael McNevin
The beginning of  lone star state weekend sojourn starts in Winnsboro. Friday Night is an "In The Round" with good friends Lynn Adler and Lindy Hearne! The Winnsboro Center For The Arts on the "Bowery Stage", about 80 miles East of Dallas. Here's the event links -- if you know any Texans, please pass it on!! -- Visit & there is an event page here:
Sat Jan 17th  8pm 
Wylie, TX 
Playing in a country suburb of Dallas at the long running house concert series at Tom & Linda's place - Acoustic Concert Tours is a house concert series, a home aways from home, full of wonderful friends. It'll feel like a reunion. Includes a pot luck, and likely song swap after? Contact Paul Porter or Linda Silas for details, it's open to the public, invite your peeps! 4030 N Hwy 78, Wylie TX 75098  . info at:  & 

Sun Jan 18th  (7pm-ish?) 
Dallas, TX 
The Dallas venue is a private House Concert, at someone's house, but I can put you in touch with Michele, the host, if you're interested in attending. Info TBA. 

Thurs Jan 22nd - Mon Jan 26th
Cambria, CA
WinterSongs West Songwriters Retreat in beautiful Cambria. 
Songwriters of all levels gather, and make music for 5 days. It's not too late to attend, the more the merrier. I'll be coaching some, but also attending, and there are 7-8 staff teachers on board. Usually 40-60 folks are at camp, lead by our fearless leader Penny Nichols. $500 covers all meals and lodging and workshops, it's freakin' fun. Song swaps at night, lots of songwriting and co-writing. You can peel off to work on a song by yourself anytime, or attend the many variety of music/lyric/writing workshops running through the day. At Beautiful "Camp Ocean Pines", on a bluff above the ocean. 
Fri Jan 30th 
Fremont, CA 
Private House Concert, info TBA. 
Sat Jan 31st
Livermore CA   
"Sauced" BBQ 
I'm teaming up with Fred McCarty at "Sauced"! We'll be cobilling using a mutual band - two guitars, bass, and maybe another side player, trading songs and licks for the night. This is a bar, with 14 televisions, a seriously large and busy BBQ joint. While it isn't a listening concert, the stage and liveliness does have a feel. Expect a mix of covers and originals, worth checking out if you're in the mood. It's free.   2300 First Street #120, Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 961-1300 

Mudpuddle Music
Cell:  (510) 789-9714 
Winner of the Kerrville New-folk award in Texas.
6-time winner of the West Coast Songwriters Association "Song Of The Year".
Performing Songwriter Magazine as a Top 12 "DIY Artist Of The Year". 
Nominated Artist of the Year by the National Academy Of Songwriters. 
Winner of the NARAS/WCS SF Chapter "Unplugged Unsigned" competition. 
Grand Prize winner of the WCS International Song Contest. 
Winner of the Napa Valley and Spokane WA New-folk competitions. 
3rd place awards at Telluride & Rocky Mountain Folks Fest troubadour competitions.
Etch A Sketch artist of some renown (not kidding). Featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox. 
Owner of the The Mudpuddle Shop; a hive for concerts, jams, workshops. 
Etch A Sketch drawings hang proudly on the shop walls, waiting for an earthquake.

For gigs in Niles, visit The Mudpuddle Shop 
Concerts, jams, songwriting workshops, Etch A Sketch Art. 
37433 Niles Blvd   Fremont CA  94536 
Shop Concert Line (Msgs Only): (510) 794-9935 

Get Muddy.  ~  Michael

Mike & Mudpuddle Shop In SF Bay Newspapers. - August 15, 2012

My shop & myself & Clancy the dog had a feature in the Argus, Daily Review, Oakland Tribune, SJ Mercury, CC times - heres' the link:
It's an interview and photo(s) of yours truly hanging in the Mudpuddle Shop, talking life, career, Etch A Sketch, Niles roots... hopefully a coherent and somewhat fashionable piece. I used to deliver the Argus and The Daily Review and Tribune as a kid. Big thanks to Darren, Anda, and Rob for covering the Mudpuddle :-). I also want to thank a differernt local paper, the Tricity Voice, who've been great year in and year out in their coverage of the Niles/Fremont/Newark/Union City areas, especially running band pics & stories for Plaza Concerts; here's ther link: - thanks for covering the arts & Niles!!

Mudpuddle Memeberships Are Taking Off! - April 9, 2011

Thanks again to those who've become Mudpuddle Members!

Cheers to another five years of concerts, jams, workshops,
art & shenanigans. Wanna be a member? it's easy and cheap! (it's also the vehicle to which the shop stays open, otherwise, it's a goner!)

Stay tuned for more concerts, songwriting workshops, jams and song circles, and other art events -- evening and day events are in the works, along with Niles & Art related products (especially products & services from participating Mudpuddle Members). Look for some pirate radio (the legal kind) and concert recordings once we get the technology figured out. To help the space be more active and vibrant, we hope members take advantage of the activities offered, and even help create some shop use of their own if you're so inclined. Members will have a discounted rate to rent the space. That will be in the fine print soon enough!

What's the membership cost? 5 bucks a month donation is an annual membership of $60 for the year, or, $10 a month is $120 for the year, etc. You pick what you can afford. What are the perks? Well, you belong to an art & music community, and you'll get to be in on all the Mudpuddle calendar events and products. PLUS you get a laminated Mudpuddle Membership card that says you're special. We'll figure out more perks as we go :-).

If you're reading about this for the first time, well, you've missed so much! 300 jams, 50+ concerts, poetry workshops, guitar lessons, etc. This is one small way of keeping the arts alive in Niles, and in NoCal at large.

A little recap of 2009! - January 12, 2010

Happy New Year, 2009 was a doozy. On the home front, due to my longtime dear friend and landlord Mary Hewitt passing away, I lived nowhere in particular from June till September (google her name, and you'll see what a saint she was). So, I spent a couple spells on the Delta for some vacation time, spent a month on a floor down the street from my old place (thanks Cas!), a few trips to the Sierra Nevada Mtns for gigs, a couple trips to Tx for gigs. Then Sept - Dec I flopped at the Fritz House -- God Bless The Fritz Family. I also slept in my shop twice in that time out of necessity, that was an adventure. But considering where I've slept during tours and years past, a cot in the shop is the Marriott. So, the house, and the apartment in the back of Mary's house that I rented for 10 years, went under remodel then up for sale in June. Mary's kids needed to sell the house, so I stuffed most all my stuff into a 'Pod' in the driveway, and waited for the rental unit to be available somehow again by the new owner, or go away for good. It was a 'patient' seven months. Then my brothers and Dad and I bought the old house, and I moved in on Xmas Eve, '09. Not too furnished in the furniture dept yet, and no furnace, but I'm again living a block from the shop, and a block from the brand new Niles Town Plaza too! Got to play the ribbon cutting for it last month - 500 people turned out for that! Now if only they'd finish it :-). Looking forward to some sunny days there on the grass there with Clancy. Did I mention Clancy?

A friend and volunteer for Golden Spike, Dan Mills, finds and fosters dogs from the pound every couple months, has been trying to get me to adopt one of his saved doggies for the past two years. I finally caved -- I couldn't resist the black lab he introduced me to in August. For the last 3-4 months, me and Clancy were then adopted into the Fritz House Of Sand (with 4 cats, 2 other dogs, and six humans). What a fun ride that was! Anyway, Clancy is now snoozing on the little couch in my shop, sleeping off his meal. Aside from frisbees, he eats anything in the yard -- avocados, ginkgo berries, branches, and sheet rock that the electricians drop -- suffice to say he's looking very healthy.

In 2009, musically, I made some money and some headway. Not a lot, but I'm happy that in a recession, I don't rely on a corporate paycheck to work and play. I didn't tour a ton, but I played a decent number of nice house concerts and venues, and I played some fun festivals - Kerrville and the American River Music Fest were great highlights. I recorded a dozen rough tunes for a new CD, but never officially released the CD, that'll have to be a project for 2010 -- "Kickin Tires". I went to some fun music conferences in the NY Catskills and LA too, saw dear old friends and made some new ones. In September I won Song Of The Year for the West Coast Songwriters' Association and got to play the it at the new Freight & Salvage during their opening week. Making music is rewarding, but it's the other music people who really make it fun - a loving and creative bunch of friends in this Americana niche. The older I get, the more luck I feel to have people like that in my life.

Last couple years I promised myself I'd move to an Oakland loft or get into some other fresh town for the music scene. While I didn't move out of Niles, I did promote a lot of music here with other musicians and friends, and jammed a TON at my shop on Niles Blvd, we just brought the party here! The Golden Spike Train Volunteer program I run turned a new leaf (Golden Spikers are the Nilesians who help me populate town with walkie talkies to help the visiting Niles steam train riders get to the train on Sundays via shuttles and underpasses). Now, with the "Golden Spike Music Program" in place, December had me and my assistant Susan booking over 50 acts to town on the holiday trains and on the sidewalks of Niles - it made for a very happy time in Mayberry and kept me busy and close to home. When I do get the Niles home under control, I think my 'second home' will be a shared and cheap house boat somewhere near Jack London Sq and the Alameda marinas. Stay tuned!

2010 looks like a future I never thought I'd have as a musician... home ownership scares the crap out of me honestly, but it is very settling too. My Dad and I are about to build a kitchen table from some of the old wood under the house. And I look forward to some jams in the living room and porch, more furniture for the dog to eat, some dimmers on the living room lights, some shutters on the big windows (a neighbor drove by the other night, saw me in the window, and texted that the jam looked like it was in a very bright fish bowl).

Here's to good fishin' in the fishbowl,

~ Muddy Mike

Gigs and Fests in August & Sept '09 - August 13, 2009

Plenty of gigs & festivals below - all around NoCal in the coming weeks, and also a trip to Texas on Labor Day Weekend for the Kerrville Folk Festival! This coming Friday Aug 14th is a Santa Clara concert at Mission City Coffee Co for a co-bill with Calaveras! Sat Aug 15th is an Oakland songwriters night at Left Coast Cyclery hosted by the Celebrating Songwriters Concert Series. For the wine country lovers, Aug 22nd is the 4th annual "Cur-ville" in Kenwood near Santa Rosa (the name sake honours the biggie in TX). There are a few more bay area gigs in Martinez, Lafayette, Saratoga as WCS ramps up for the September Music conference and "Song of the Year" awards - including the Finale Showcase on Monday Aug 31st at the BRAND NEW FREIGHT & SALVAGE! The conference is Sept 11 & 12, and then it's up to the Sierra Nevada for the American River Music Festival Sept 18-19-20 (headliners include Jackie Green annd Jimmy LaFave! I'll be doing a songwriter's workshop with old friend Keith Greeninger). And for those of you who have still not seen the indie film "Weekend King", it's coming back to the Edison Theater in Niles on Friday Sept 25th (filmed in Niles, with a cameo and songs in the sound track!
-- Hope there is a gig near you this month, see you somewhere!   ~ Michael

"Scarecrow" win's Song Of The Year" - August 4, 2009

Good news, my new song "Scarecrow" won "Song Of The Year" last night for the East Bay chapter of the West Coast Songwriters Association. The WCS competition is a bit different than it used to be. In the Olden days, 3 writers won during one round of competitions, and then played the conference in September. Now the monthly open mic competitions have expanded to Portland, L.A., & out in central CA too, so ten winners from each of the ten open mics win an award (I think it's a Song Of The Year?), but then those ten winners have a finale performance later in the month, Monday Aug 31st at the NEW
Freight & Salvage Coffee House. Of those ten, three will then be picked to perform at the conference in front of a few hundred music industry pros and songwriters. Not sure if there's a separate award name for that now, but it is one heck of an honor to play at the Sunset Concert - it's a magical event! Also a perk of this year's round of songs - the year's ten best will be part of a song compilation CD!

Homes and Gigs. And Mike is actually writing this! - July 15, 2009

Hi everybody,

June was a month of couches, floors, and singing by rivers, and July has been much the same. I've let some of my payroll people go, but I do hope to have Allison and/or others back in the loop soon to help me update this web stuff and get more gigs and CDs rolling. When Mary passed away, we all thought the "in-law" apartment in Niles I was renting might be available to me within a couple weeks, but alas, my stuff is still in a Pod, and likely will stay there into Sept as the house is fixed up some. Once sold, the house won't be mine to move back into anyway, so I'm squatting on all kinds of floors, mainly Kass' place, down the street while she and her boyfriend are off traveling. Thanks Kass! The Delta trip was awesome, two weeks living there in cabins with my mom and brothers didn't suck! Then July 4th had me up on the shores of S. Lake Tahoe for a wonderful house concert at the Frost's place. My God what a peice of heaven that place is.

Kidney Stones Hurt! - July 5, 2009

Hey, did I mention I passed a Kidney Stone in June? Sure did, at the very end of a family gathering in the Delta. That's the bad news. The good news is I peed it out and it cannot hurt me ever again.

TV Time in Texas! - May 12, 2009

Michael is visiting Texas to meet with the stars and the producers of the TV show "Texas Country Roads." The show is going national, changing it's name to "On the Road with Bob Phillips" and Mike will be featured in the very first episode! Clips for the segment were filmed in Mike's hometown of Niles earlier this year.

Michael proves tough to beat - April 27, 2009

Michael has entered and won several West Coast Singer Songwriter competitions around the Bay Area. He has qualified to enter the Annual Songwriter Showcase at Berkeley's Freight and Salvage where he will compete for the title of "best song of the year." We all know how good Mike’s writing and playing is and it’s great that he’s getting recognition for the professional community and his peers.

Get the hell out of Niles! - March 27, 2009

People in Niles seem to roll up the sidewalks after 10 PM (no offence, he loves the sleeply little town) so Mike's been hitting the night music scene in other parts of the bay area. Mission Coffee House in Santa Clara is a favorite place worth checking out.

A few Obama Mudpuddle Jam Pictures Posted - November 3, 2008

The Obama Mudpuddle Shop Jam was a Blast! Go see the pictures at the bottom of my picture page here if you want. Thanks so much for everyone who showed up. Nothing more empowering than watching this election from the bottom up. Crossing fingers - get to the polls tomorrow!!

New Mudpuddle Web Site as of Today!! October 21st 2008, my first bloggie thing in here. - October 21, 2008

Hi Mudheads!

Well, after many years attending to a site I barely knew how to work, my muddy associates, Allison & Susan, helped me create a new site. I like the old one too, but this one is affiliated with our CD seller so we're going to load it up with pictures and words and see how it goes.

I'm heading to AZ this coming Thursday for the Far West folk alliance conference, I hope my emails and content are up and running before then!

so far so good I think. If anyone has anything to add - pictures or comments - we'd love to hear from you.



PS - Don't forget to vote for Obama.

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