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Michael McNevin: Music

Margaret 1956

(Michael McNevin)
May 11, 2001
© 2001 Michael McNevin

My mom, as a teenager, was in Glee Club, and had gone to see Rebel Without A Cause a few times in the theaters, star struck like so many were back in the 1950s. She had a job at at five & dime, saved some money, and skipped out on a day of high school up in San Francisco. This is the story of what she did that day, a day in the live of a 17 year old, with innocent ideas of becoming the next Lana Turner. A half a year later she was married to my Dad, Jack, and 6 years later she was the mother of four boys, living a different life than Lana's. My Dad got a short term engineering job down in Pasadena, where we lived when I was 2 and 3 years old. We lived just up the street from the Rose Bowl, she loved seeing the rose bowl parade. After our move back up to Niles, CA, SoCal & Hollywood became a distant memory for her and us. She was a beautiful girl, with an angelic voice, and a soft touch with 4 crazy boys. Lucky to have her as a mother. I miss you Mom. 


Margaret skipped class today, 
she did not go to glee club
Took a puddle jumper to L.A.
to walk around in Hollywood 

Standing tall on a corner, 
a cotton dress on and her hair back
Saddle shoes and bobby sox, 
a needle in a haystack

She's a ringer for Kate Hepburn, 
she could play her daughter
And if they drive past her all day long, 
maybe one of them will spot her 


She lifts her chin and looks ahead, 
just like she learned in theater
She's a long way from her highschool play, 
but she's not afraid to be here

Cause she can sing and she can dance, 
and she can hold a pose for hours
Like a statue in the Rose Parade, 
like a Pasadena flower


Sometimes you do your best 
when you don't know the odds
Sometimes you gotta guess, 
like you knew it all along...

Afternoon the sun is low, 
and time moves like mollasses
She still imagines they may come 
and ask her what her name is


Sometimes you gotta try 
even though you don't why
Sometimes you do some things 
that don't seem silly at the time...

She caught her plane, and she came home, 
her folks were very worried
But that was Margaret's last hurrah, 
she settled down and married

Mom, I love they way you watch 
the Rose Parade for hours
How after all these many years 
you still love the floats and flowers