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Michael McNevin: Calendar

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

July/Aug 2017 tours in WA, ID, NV, NoCal & SoCal

July & Aug Tours in ID, NV, ID, NoCal, SoCAl

July& Aug 2017 McNevin Tour Dates "All In One List"
usic Lovers north, south, east, west, and over the coocoo's nest. More gigs in SoCal and NoCal, and a few more in Washington, Idaho, and Nevada. July and August is busy in Niles too. "At a Glance" list is below (but I'm behind on Facebook event pages and all the addresses and RSVP emails to come to the show. Just bug me a little if you want details to one show or another. Get Muddy! 

~ Michael.  

McNevin July/Aug Gigs at a Glance:



June 24. Paradise Valley, NV. Paradise Valley Saloon. 8pm 

     …  ID/NV Border. Sat Steak Night. Play cowboy songs, or else. 

June 29. Stanley, ID. Concert at Nancy Cassidy’s on the Salmon River. 

    … + Severin Browne, Jen Hajj, Ed Tree, Susan Reeves, Arturo Tello, Mark Fosson.  

July 1. Reno, NV. House Concert at Mike & Laura Santos’ place. 

     … Old Niles buds reunion, Mike S & Mike Mc go back to age 4. 

July 2. Colfax, CA. Dine & Dash Bar/Patio. 4-7pm 

     … McNevin & Freinds w/ Sandi & Skip, Juliet Gobert, others.  

July 3. Sierra Nevada CA? Somewhere in mountains, any ideas anyone? 

     … scoping out a show for Juliet Gobert & McNevin.

July 8. Niles, CA. Mudpuddle Shop Jam, 2-5pm. 

     … showcases, cameos, “Los Horribles” jam, come and play or listen. 

July 9. Niles Plaza Fest w/ McNevin & The Spokes & Others  

     … Lineup Incudes SEZU, The Collective, others. 

July 12. San Jose, CA. Art Boutiki, two song set for WCS song night.  

     … a semi-final slot for WCS 2017 “Song Of The Year”, finals are in August.

July 13-16. By Mendocino, at Camp Navarro. Redwood Ramble Fest. 

     … Fri Eve Set at 5:30, right before Hot Buttered Rum, Band Of Heathens. 

July 18. Niles, CA. Mudpuddle Shop w/ Laurie McClain (TN) & Barbara Nesbitt (SD) 

     … In The Round, San Diego and Nebraska invades Niles. 

July 22. Santa Rosa, CA. House Concert at John Roy Zat’s place. 

     …  a triple bill with Britta Lee Shain, Aireene Espiritu, McNevin. 

July 23. Niles, CA Mudpuddle w/ Britta Lee Shain (Julian, CA) & Daniel Boling (NM).  

     … In The Round, plus Britta shares her Bob Dylan book

July 29. Torrence, CA. 1st Annual Pomegranite Fest 

     … w/ host Angelica Oung, it’s on a farm, Mike plays and MC’s event. 

July 30. West LA. House Concert at Kaitlin Huwe’s place. 

      …  McNevin and Huwe and likely other cameos, a yard series. 

Aug 3. Niles, CA. Mudpudde Shop w/ Sofia Ekberg. 

     … Sofia is on tour from Gothenburg, Sweden! 

Aug 4 & 5. Monterey/Santa Cruz area. Two cobills with Sofia Ekberg. 

     … show details to come, McNevin joins Sofia on her CA tour.  

Aug 6. Niles, CA. Mudpuddle Shop afternoon jam & swap. 

     … stay tuned, tentative, but if date gells we’ll get muddy. 

Aug 9. South Pasadena. Wine & Song with Sofia Ekberg, others.. 

      … McNevin plays & Hosts while Brad’s away

           (it’s Brad’s birthday! Gonna celebrate it without him!).  

Aug 10.  In LA somewhere? 
       … Looking for a Thursday gig or house concert. 

Aug 11 Pasadena, CA. Coffee Galllery Backstage. 
       … Tentatively set for a show with Corrina Carter, TBA soon. 

Aug 12 Pasadena, CA. Levitt Pavillion Summer Concert Series
       … Opening for Dustbowl Revival, it’s a nice freebie on the grass

Aug 13. LA area somewhere? Santa Barbara? Button Willow?? 

      … looking for a Sunday eve or afternoon show somehwere in SoCal

Aug 19. Olympia, WA. Annual Yard Fest at Steve and Rhenae’s place. 
      … private residence, but open to the public, call/write for info. 

Aug 20. Olympia, WA. 

       … Another Private House Concert, write Mike for details. 

Aug 26-27. Niles, CA. Annual Niles Flea Market, all day Sat & Sun. 
      … Mudpuddle Show? Niles porch jam? during & after the junk sale. 

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